Job Details

Sales Planning & Expansion Manager




Min. gelar S1


2-3 tahun di bidang Sales



You will create an impact in this role by:

  • Handle the planning process and do monitor work performances on field sales-operations team
  • Design and implement strategies with field sales & operation tactics program in support to achieve company’s target
  • Manage expansion activities with Head of Regional
  • Coordinate capability training program for Sourcing Team and Field Aquaculture Development
  • Oversee supporting data and administration for Regional Head Sales & Operations
  • Coordinate and organise daily, weekly, and monthly report in accordance to Field Sales & Operations Team’s achievement

What you will need to create an impact:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
  • Have 2-3 years experience as sales, sales planner, and sales capability
  • Understand the basic of salesmanship and territory management
  • Handy with program office (word, excel, ppt)
  • Proficient with data management, a basic programming language (SQL, Oracle, Python) will be favourable
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