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You will create an impact in this role by:

  • Ensure that all branches follow safety, health and business laws and regulations and uphold company standards of excellence and service, guaranteeing quality performance.
  • Implementing sales goals and communicating them to key individuals (ASM & Hub Coordinator) and preparing sales reports and submitting them to senior management.
  • Leading and managing field sales region team to maximize their performance, including sales team productivity and being the main point of contact with partners, suppliers, and distributors in the region.
  • Maximizing growth potential of customers within the region and ensuring that stores comply with industry regulations while preparing budgets and analyzing the market.
  • Overseeing regular regional meeting with area sales manager (sales performance review) and communicating with customers to determine their needs.

What you will need to create an impact:

  • Are capable to motivate others on a team and help them succeed, multitasking and have an outstanding ability to tend to multiple problems at a time.
  • Are capable to travel and working remotely while supervising region.
  • Have a firm understanding of economic and business concepts, and be able to design and implement both short-term and long-term business strategies.
  • Have a strong math skills to crunch numbers and keep track of your region’s profit, strong knowledge of company policy, goals and standards, and strong organizational skills to manage large amounts of information.
  • Have the ability to generate a variety of reports and presentations displaying regional performance and strong customer service skills in the areas of handling disputes and treating customers with care.
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