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Harvest Specialist


eFishery Shrimp


+ 2 Tahun



You will create an impact in this role by:

  • Lead harvest coordinators and acquisition in regional
  • Planning harvest and acqusition Activity, managing, and evaluating in regional
  • Organize and coordinate harvest team with Region Field Sales Ops, QC, and SOE 
  • Responsible in Harvest shrimp activity in regional, based on Working Order (WO) in a safe, efficient manner, ensuring productivity and quality goals are met or exceeded focusing on thoroughness, Quality, and Speed
  • Making SOP Harvest, Harvest Team Scoring, and harvest training program
  • Train and evaluate all Harvest Team

What you will need to create an impact:

  • Have ability in Shrimp Harvest activity based
  • Have ability working to specific timelines and tight deadlines
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Good team work, discipline and fast response
  • Having knowledge of tools / method for Shrimp Harvesting
  • Have an high productivity stability
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