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Job Details

Data Governance


Teknologi & Data


Sarjana di bidang IT/Ilmu Komputer atau bidang serupa


+2 Tahun


Bandung, Indonesia

You will create an impact in this role by:

  • Iteratively monitored and collected Single Source of Truth for Data Source and Metrics Definition produced by Business and Data Team
  • Create collection of processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that guarantee the efficient and effective use of information, allowing an organization to find data/information faster and reliable
  • Working with fellow Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Business People for giving impact on business
  • Execute to success through lean weight planning, attention to detail, effective data governance and efficient decision-making

What you will need to create an impact:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT/Computer Science or related major
  • Have experience in Data Analytics or similar position for at least 2 years
  • Have experience in SQL Query, Data Modelling, Data Management Process
  • Familiar with Data Catalog or Discovery Tools, Creating Process and Policies regarding Data Usage