Job Details

Core Tech Manager


Technology & Data

Years of Experience

+5 Years


Work from Anywhere

You will create an impact in this role by:

  • Navigating team through projects prioritization, empowering them, steering them away from bottlenecks, clearing obstacles, and to provide them with meaningful work and growth
  • Leading collaborative efforts based on everyone’s strengths
  • Driving technical, operational and quality issues related to Core Technologies components
  • Raising key concerns and options for resolutions to senior management
  • Driving innovation of technology throughout the business by communicating the use cases of advanced engineering

What you will need to create an impact:

  • Crystal clear communication along with excellent technical skills
  • Minimum 2 years of leading team with at least 20 team members
  • Extensive software developments and product development knowledge
  • Excellent understandong of research project management, software architect, and team development.
  • Exemplary skills on managing priorities, managing timeline, cascading vision, story telling and influencing people.
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