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warna air tambak yang baik untuk udang vaname

Do you know what color pond water is good for vannamei shrimp? The color of pond water is one of the parameters to determine the condition of the water. Color can represent the kinds of organisms that exist in the water. The bad news is, not all organisms in the water are good for shrimp health. Come on, learn the meaning of other pond water colors in this article!

Meaning of Water Color in Ponds

arti warna air tambak udang

Light Brown Water Color

You don't need to worry if the water in the pond is light brown. The color comes from diatomae, plankton constituent organisms that are very good for shrimp growth.

Dark Brown Water Color

Dark brown color indicates a lack of Phytoplankton. This usually occurs in ponds that basically use soil with a brightness level of 25 cm. While still fine for the shrimp, the water still needs to be diluted to increase the brightness.

Blue Brown Watercolor

Blue brown color contains some Phytoplankton which are not friendly to shrimp. With a water brightness level of 25 cm, water of this color must be replaced immediately.

Reddish Brown Water Color

This color comes from poisonous phytoplankton with a high sulfuric acid content. You need to change the water, add lime, add urea, and rinse the pond repeatedly to neutralize the color.

Greenish Brown Watercolor

The water contains good plankton for the shrimp but still needs to be diluted because the brightness level is only 25 cm.

Clear Dark Brown Watercolor

The blackish brown color comes from organic acids which are very harmful to shrimp. To overcome this, do land reclamation.

Watercolor Light Green Leaves

This color is the best color because it contains a variety of plankton Chorella sp., Scenedesmus sp., Oasystis sp., And Chiamydomnas sp. with a brightness level of about 35 cm.

Dark Green Water Color

Dark green color indicates the presence of toxic phytoplankton. The water is usually slimy because many of the shrimp are sick. Change the water immediately and give dolomite lime, lime which contains high magnesium and is good for fish and shrimp.

Yellowish Green Water Color

This water color indicates a lack of Phytoplankton. You need to provide follow-up fertilizer and dilute the water to overcome the yellowish-green color of the water.

Bluish Green Water Color

Water that is bluish green must be replaced immediately because there are lots of blue green algae which indicate the presence of porous shrimp.

Appearance of Foam on the Surface of the Pond

Foam that appears in the water indicates the removal of dead phytoplankton. The appearance of foam can also be caused by microbial activity in the ponds from the nitrogen recycling process. Usually, good quality and clean water with a color that is not too dark will produce foam. While not particularly dangerous, foam should be disposed of immediately. If left alone, the foam can poison the shrimp.

How to Treat Pond Water

One way to maintain the quality of vannamei shrimp pond water is to maintain the temperature because shrimp are very sensitive to temperature. The ideal water temperature is 28-31 degrees Celsius. The water temperature in vannamei shrimp ponds must be consistent because if the water temperature is too low, the shrimp's appetite will decrease and their growth will become abnormal. To increase the water temperature, increase circulation and water depth to about 100 cm. Water temperature that is too high is also not good because it can cause stress to the shrimp. To prevent temperature rise, increase the water depth to 130 cm.

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