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Promising businesses in the fisheries sector have potential value and must continue to be improved, considering that Indonesia has mainstay fishery commodities and the level of public consumption of fish is very high. Thus, there is still a lot of potential in the fisheries sector that can be explored. 

Therefore, if you are interested in doing business in the fisheries sector, then you need to choose which business to run. The characteristics of a business in the field of fisheries that are promising are businesses that have a broad market, are needed by the market, have the potential to provide abundant profits, and income continues to increase gradually.

However, no matter how big the potential is, if it is not executed with the right strategy and planning, then it will not produce maximum profits. Therefore, you need to know the business idea with the right strategy. Come on, see here!  

Business Prospects in the Fishing Industry

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The fisheries sector in Indonesia certainly has promising business opportunities. If you are serious about cultivating and exploring business strategies in this field, then your business will have the potential to reap abundant profits.

Based on data from a 2011 report from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), fish consumption in Indonesia only reached 31.5 kg/capita. This amount is very different from Malaysia which reaches 55.4 kg/capita annually.

While the data for 2021, there has been an increase in fish consumption by 69.17%. Currently, the fish consumption rate is 55.37 kg/capita. This figure increased by 1.48% when compared to the fish consumption rate in 2020 which was only 54.56%. Going forward, the government is targeting fish consumption of 62.5 kg/capita in 2024.

Keep in mind, Indonesia is a country with abundant fishery resources, as well as the potential for cultivation land. Meanwhile, Indonesia's human resources are no less numerous, because Indonesia is the fourth country in the world with a population of 270 million people. Indonesia also has a large market potential for neighboring countries, such as China, Japan, the United States and ASEAN countries.

You can make the best use of this opportunity. We should welcome the high demand for fish from within and outside the country by increasing production as much as possible.

Promising Fisheries Business Opportunities

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Business in the fisheries sector can be a promising investment instrument and trading business if it is carried out diligently. The reason is because the business in the fisheries sector is not a seasonal business that only makes a profit in a certain period. 

Businesses in the fisheries sector have such a large scope, that many business domains can be initiated in this field. There are many promising fishery business opportunities, both in terms of cultivation and processing. The following are promising fishery business opportunities:

1. Freshwater Cultivation Business

Freshwater fish farming has a promising business potential. Many Indonesian people like freshwater fish and shrimp because they are delicious and suitable for cooking with any food recipe.

Naturally, every year the demand for fish and freshwater shrimp is increasing. The capital that you need to start a freshwater aquaculture business is quite affordable. 

You can start a fish and freshwater shrimp farming business with capital starting from 2 million. This capital includes the cost of buying fish seeds (depending on the number of seeds purchased), up to the initial operational costs.

2. Seawater Cultivation Business

As we know, sustainable fishing in the wild can reduce fish production in the sea. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to over-catch fish without cultivating it.

Seawater fish farming is the best solution for preserving fish. This will provide a more viable survival in aquatic ecosystems.

Currently, seawater fish business opportunity is one type of business that is in demand by local and international markets. Seawater fish have a high nutritional content and tend to have a tastier and fresher taste than freshwater fish. One of the most popular processed sea fish is grilled sea fish.

Cultivating sea fish is not difficult. In addition, you can also reap the maximum profit, because the price of seawater fish is relatively stable and there are quite a lot of fans, especially consumption fish.

3. Fish and Shrimp Hatchery Business

There are still many cultivators and farmers who are constrained by nursery problems. Therefore, the seed business has the potential to be a promising business. You can sell seeds to cultivators, farmers, or to seed suppliers. 

You will also get multiple benefits, especially if the seedling business is also run at the same time as the enlargement process. By doing both, your cultivation business will be more effective because it can reach two consumers at once.

4. Effort Suppliers Fresh Fish and Shrimp

The next effort is to become suppliers fish and shrimp in the market. You can volunteer to work with fish traders in the market. To get started, you can look for traders in the nearest market.

You can pursue this business in the long term. If you are diligent and routinely supplying fish to traders, you can become one suppliers in more than one market and business will be maximized.

5. Fishery Products Processing Business

Not only in the aquaculture sector, the processing sector is also a promising business. You can process fishery products into delicious food preparations.

There are many types of preparations that are popular and favored by the public such as shredded fish, nuggetst fish, fish balls, fish dumplings, and many others. You can also make processed fishery products in the form frozen, because now people need products that ready to cook or ready to eat.

With innovation, you can make it easier for people to consume fish. Apart from that, you will get the maximum benefit.

6. Culinary Business in the Fisheries Sector

One business that is in great demand is the culinary business. The culinary business opportunity in Indonesia is quite promising. 

This is because the culinary world has a close relationship with human needs as well as being the identity of the Indonesian nation. Considering that Indonesia consists of various cultures, thus making Indonesian cuisine diverse, especially culinary processed fishery products.

However, to face competition and food trends that continue to grow, you need to innovate food. You can open a culinary business in the fisheries sector by presenting a distinctive taste and being able to arouse the tastes of the audience.

7. Fishing business

One of the businesses favored by business actors is the fishing business. This is a potential that you can live up to. To start a fishing business, you need to prepare a beautiful area, so that it provides a typical rural view so that the fishing area looks cooler.

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Questions Regarding Promising Businesses in the Fisheries Sector

Businesses in the fishery sector that are never quiet are freshwater aquaculture, seawater aquaculture, hatchery businesses, fishery product processing businesses, culinary businesses, and fishing businesses.

The fastest growing business is the fish and shrimp farming business, because this business can reach two consumers at once, both in hatchery and grow-out businesses.

The type of business that does not have many competitors is the fish and shrimp hatchery business. Because, there are still many cultivators and farmers who are constrained by nursery problems. Therefore, the fish seed business has the potential to be a promising business.

The businesses most sought after by people are aquaculture businesses and fishery product processing businesses. Businesses in the fisheries sector are sought after by many people because they have the potential to get maximum profits.

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