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Before there were advances in technology, markets and supermarket is the closest place to sell fish that is often used by cultivators for transactions. However, along with the development of technology, the choice of places for cultivators to sell the fish they harvest is also increasingly diverse.

Come on, read this article to find out the recommendations for the closest and best places to sell fresh fish!

How to Sell Fish at a Nearby Place

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Fresh water fish is one of the most sought-after types of fish for daily consumption. Therefore, the place to sell it must be easily accessible to everyone, such as markets and supermarket

Market and supermarket is a cultivator's favorite place to sell their crops. To sell fish to traditional markets and supermarket, the method generally used by cultivators is the traditional way of selling through middlemen as intermediaries.

Usually, the middlemen will visit the cultivator's pond before the harvest season to find out what commodities will be harvested and in what quantity. Cultivators and middlemen will also discuss to determine the right price and harvest date. 

If an agreement has been reached between the cultivator and the middleman, when harvest day arrives the middleman will come to the pond to weigh the weight of the fish he bought. After that, the fish will be transported by middlemen to be sold supermarket or traders in traditional markets.

However, as technology develops, markets and supermarkets are no longer the only place to sell fish. The current trend of people's shopping has shifted to digital production e-commerce become a suitable place to sell fish online on line.

How to market fish online on line also quite easy. This makes many cultivators also tempted to market the fish they harvest on a regular basis on line.

To sell fish for free on line, first of all you have to choose a platform that will be used to sell. In this case, you can create a fish selling website on line own or open a shop on line on marketplaces. After that, it's time to prepare clear and attractive photos and product descriptions to entice buyers. If so, it's time to upload photos and product descriptions to the platform that you use to sell.

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How to sell fish through fish stalls

One way that you can use to sell fish for free on line is through features Fish Stall. Fish Stall is one of the features in the app eFisheryKu which can make it easier for you to sell fresh fish directly in large quantities without going through intermediaries. With Fish Stall, Ladies and Gentlemen, you don't need to bother anymore to find buyers for harvested fish.

To sell fish in the Fish Stalls feature, pay attention to the following methods:

1. Open it Home page application eFisheryKu and select a menu Fish Stall.

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2. Select Selling Harvest at Fish Stalls.

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3. Fill out the form pool data And harvest data, then click Confirmation.

formulir lapak ikan

4. Next, check the suitability of the data that has been filled in. If it is appropriate, click Sell Harvest.

informasi panenjual panen

5. The harvest has been submitted successfully! After this, Tim eFishery will contact you directly within 1×24 hours.

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How are you, sir/madam? It's easy not to sell fish harvested in features Fish Stall that's in the app eFisheryKu?

Selling Fish Harvest at eFisheryKu's Fish Stalls!

Fill in your personal data in the following form. Our team will immediately contact you via the number cellphone attached. Make sure the data entered is correct.

Let's take advantage of the features Fish Stall to sell fish on line in eFisheryKu!

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