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Proper goldfish spawning methods are the key to success in cultivation. With spawning, you can cut operational costs in fish farming and select superior goldfish seeds.

Then what is spawning? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word spawning, spawning is the process of mating male and female fish to produce new fish seeds.

Goldfish spawning aims to produce superior goldfish seeds that have economic value and produce quality new broodstock candidates. The seeds from this spawning can be raised by you or sold to fish rearing cultivators.

Spawning is divided into two types, namely natural spawning and artificial spawning. But between the two, natural spawning is widely used by cultivators because the process is relatively easy and the success is also high.

In this article, we will discuss in full about spawning, starting with choosing the broodstock, the proper spawning steps, and things that need to be considered in spawning. Let's see!

2 Ways to Distinguish Male and Female Goldfish

Before you start spawning goldfish, you must first be able to distinguish between male and female goldfish. Here's the difference.

1. Fish body shape 

The bodies of male and female goldfish have quite clear differences. Male goldfish have a streamlined body and fast movements. Meanwhile, the female goldfish has a large body and a rounded belly.

2. The color of the liquid

If you massage the goldfish's belly downwards towards the genitals, the fish will secrete fluid. If the liquid is yellow, it is a female. Meanwhile, if the color is white, it means sperm from a male goldfish.

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Tips for choosing mature broodstock

When you want to spawn goldfish, you have to make sure that the goldfish you choose are ripe. Apart from that, you also need to select fish that are overall smooth and without defects. The scales are also neatly arranged, bright in color and not dull.

The following are the criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing male and female goldfish.

1. Criteria for male goldfish

Males have a minimum age of 8 months with a weight of approximately 0.5 kg/head. His body is slim and not fat. When massaged his stomach secretes a thick milky white fluid. 

2. Criteria for female goldfish

Females have an age of 1.5-2 years with a weight of 2 kg/head. When distipated, it emits a yellow liquid. On the stomach enlarged and when pressed feels soft.

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4 Things to Look For When Spawning Goldfish

Before starting the goldfish spawning process, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to in order to achieve success.

1. Spawning Pool

Make sure the pond is not muddy or rocky. Pool water is also not cloudy with sufficient oxygen levels and water discharge, and the optimal pool temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

2. Place to Stick Eggs

You also need to provide a place for attaching eggs to spawning ponds. This will make it easier for you in the egg harvesting process. 

3. Spawning Pool Area

The area of the pond is an important factor for success in the goldfish spawning process. You must pay attention to the number of goldfish and the availability of pond area. A parent weighing 1 kg requires a pool of 6m2.

4. Feeding

Feeding is done regularly twice in the morning and evening with a dose of 2-4% of the mother's weight. Also make sure the feed given is high in nutrition with a protein content of 25%.

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4 Ways to Spawn Goldfish for Success

There are several ways that you must do so that goldfish spawning can be successful. Here we summarize 4 ways to spawn goldfish.

1. Breeding Mas

Pemberokan is raising male and female carp brooders that have been selected in a special pond. The next brood is not given food for 1-2 days to get rid of the fat in the egg sac. In addition, to prevent the parent from spawning prematurely

2. Pool Preparation

The first way to spawn goldfish is to prepare a pond. Among several types of ponds, you can choose an earthen pond for spawning. To prepare, just do the drying of the pool, tillage, liming, and irrigation.

Next, you need to determine the number of fish to be spawned. Each spawning female requires 6 m of land2 per kg of body weight, with a water depth of 60-80 cm. So if you want to fill 10 broodstock, a 60m pond is needed2.

You also need to make kakaban as a place for goldfish to lay their eggs. Kakaban palm fiber is installed floating about 10-15 cm below the surface of the water. The kakaban needs to be tied to a strong stake so that it does not shift during spawning.

3. Spawning Process

Male and female brooders were put into the spawning pond with a male:female ratio of 1:2. You can enter both types of breeders at 16.00-17.00. The broodstock will spawn at 01.00-06.00 which is marked by fish chasing each other and a fishy smell in the pond.

4. Hatching Goldfish Eggs

The next day when the spawning process is complete, move the kakaban which has been filled with eggs to the hatchery pond. Hatching goldfish spawning eggs can be done in cement tubs, tarpaulin ponds and aquariums. 

The ideal temperature for eggs to hatch is between 28-30 degrees Celsius for 1-3 days. Larvae are also not immediately given food because the larvae still carry nutrients from the egg yolk.

This process takes one week until the size of the larvae reaches 1-2 cm. During this process the larvae can be given feed from boiled egg yolks.

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Spawning methods are important to master by every goldfish cultivator, because this can help develop your business. What's more, you can raise superior goldfish seeds.

With superior seeds, the process of cultivating your goldfish can be easier and faster. Goldfish from superior seeds will provide economic benefits and efficiency for cultivators.

So you need to deepen your knowledge in goldfish spawning so you can practice it properly and successfully. Now an easy way to learn goldfish spawning is by eFisheryKu!

eFisheryKu provides various video materials and complete learning articles on how to spawn carp. With this application, you can deepen spawning techniques easily and quickly.

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