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Now, paying Kabayan bills can be easier and faster via eFisheryKu!

As an all-in-one application for fish cultivators, eFisheryKu is now equipped with a Billing feature to make it easier for Kabayan cultivators who want to pay their Kabayan bills. 

This feature is available at the bottom of the eFisheryKu application. Besides being equipped with all the billing history and the amount billed, you can also see the due date of the bill, how many days to/since it is due, and the bill number. 

This feature also makes it easier for you to process payments because it is equipped with a variety of payment method options. That way, you can check and pay bills practically!

How to Pay Kabayan Bills at eFisheryKu

cara bayar kabayan

  • Open the eFisheryKu application
  • Click Bill
  • View details of all bills, then click Pay

cara bayar kabayan

  • Enter the payment amount according to the payment amount
  • See a simulation of bills that will be paid (closest due date first), then click Proceed to Payment
  • Click Choose on the payment method, then click desired method

tagihan kabayan

  • Check again then click Pay Now
  • Complete the payment within the specified time limit

It's easy, right? Let's take advantage of the Billing feature in the eFisheryKu application! Check the bill below.

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