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Shrimp cultivation has a very high potential, mainly due to high and ever-increasing market demand. However, a shrimp farming business like vaname has risks that are not small. Only because of the wrong amount/frequency of feed, 1 cycle vannamei shrimp farming can fail. The solution to this problem is feed management, starting with calculating the vannamei shrimp FCR!

FCR is Feed Conversion Rate or the effectiveness of the stocked feed. By calculating the FCR, you can see whether the feed spread is actually eaten by the shrimp or is it wasted and pollutes the pond.

Before discussing FCR, let's look at the importance of feed management when cultivating vannamei shrimp!

What is the Importance of Shrimp Feed Management?

fcr udang vaname

Feed management is a way of managing shrimp feed in order to get good feed effectiveness and large shrimp, so that profits are optimal!

There are various methods used in shrimp feed management, such as blind feeding or shrimp fasting. The aim is to ensure that the feed is stocked optimally, that the shrimp can grow well without disease, and that no feed is wasted.

Good feed management will produce FCR or Feed Conversion Rate which is good too.

How to Calculate Vaname Shrimp FCR

Vannamei shrimp FCR needs to be calculated to see the effectiveness of the feed stocked, as well as material for evaluating the management method of stocked feed.

Let's see how to calculate the FCR of vannamei shrimp below!

rumus fcr udang


Shrimp biomass is 500 kg. The amount of feed that has been given is 550 kg. 

contoh rumus fcr udang

So, the FCR for the cycle is 1.1.

The best FCR for vaname shrimp is between 1.1-1.2. That is, the harvested shrimp biomass is close to the weight of the feed stocked. The feed that you spread is optimal for shrimp to eat!

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