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Serba-Serbi Work From Anywhere: Kerja Dari Mana Saja di eFishery!

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a long negative impact on the world. As of January 2022, the death toll caused by COVID-19 has passed the 5.6 million mark. Countries are taking preventive steps to protect their people from contracting this disease, one of which is by limiting mobility. This led to restrictions on work activities in the office. 

Work From Home (WFH), Work From Office (WFO), and hybrid working are terms that are familiar to the ear, used when the dynamics and culture of work are forced to change because the space for employees and companies to move is limited by rules in order to protect lives. This rule also changes the pattern of group choices jobsseekers or job seekers.

Work location is a factor that is highly considered by jobsseekers, especially in Indonesia. Based on a survey conducted by Microsoft Corp., 83 percent of job seekers in Indonesia want the option of being able to work remotely or remote working. This figure is higher than the results of a global survey, which only reached 73 percent.

In order to meet market demands and adapt to local regulations, various companies began to offer remote working as one of the benefits. However, this one advantage can backfire, both for the company and whoever it recruits. Without a system established and implemented by all parties involved, remote working can be a source of stress and a root cause of decreased productivity.

When all companies are trying to find a working formula remotes or remotely from each other's homes, eFishery has already conducted a trial remote working for several years and perfected the formula working from anywhere or Work From Anywhere.

Work From Anywhere (WFA) or work from anywhere is a concept that gives eFisherians the option to work anywhere convenient, whenever convenient, within the applicable working hours limits. 

Different from remote working or hybrid working, eFisherians are not required to work from home or with mandatory office schedules. Work From Anywhere keeping the possibility open for eFisherian to work anywhere; At home, cafe, co-working space, even in Head Office eFishery if eFisherians want to work in an office. 

Responsive Clock

eFisherians have the freedom to choose their working hours. However, eFisherian is still expected to be responsive during certain hours (business hours) to avoid any miscommunication. During these hours, eFisherian is expected to reply chat/emails sent about work and coordination. Of course this is not forcing eFisherians to reply instantly, but to help fellow eFisherians get actual information within a reasonable hour. 

Daily & Weekly Huddles

Although it seems exaggerated, weekly & daily huddles is the key to communication between eFisherians. Barriers, development, achievements; leader and team members need to know the progress of each other's work so they can support and help each other. Huddles Also help fellow team members to estimate project time more accurately.

Discuss Targets Clearly and in Detail

With space constraints, communication is one of the most important things when working in a team. At eFishery, we discuss goals and work plans with details and with targets per action. This minimizes miscommunication and helps eFisherians measure each other's workload. 

Based On Workflow

All jobs are there workflow-it, a system that governs how and when each eFisherian works. As is workflow approved by all eFisherians, jobs get done faster. The results can be more accurate and satisfying.

Team Bonding

Each team at eFishery has their own way of building chemistry. However, when each team member is far away from the others, online team bonding so the choice of most eFisherian. Various forms, from start sharing sessions, online gaming, until self-improvement classes which is provided free of charge by eFishery.

Apart from that, eFisherian who is in Bandung can carry out activities bonding eFisherian joint offices of other departments and divisions, in the form of sports activities (basketball, badminton, soccer), e-Sports, and offline discussion sessions.

Value Fellow eFisherian Time

Time is something that is very valuable for everyone, including eFisherians. That's why eFishery opens a space for eFisherians to manage their work time as comfortable as possible, so that everyone can still have time for family, friends, and even themselves. 

After announcing Work From Anywhere permanently in the middle of 2021, hundreds of eFisherians from all over Indonesia have joined eFishery. More than 700 new eFisherians joined and made an impact from dozens of points across Indonesia.

Policy Work From Anywhere at eFishery opens comprehensive job opportunities in Indonesia, because distance and location are no longer a barrier. Even someone who comes from a small town doesn't have to migrate to big cities to get a career. In fact, you can work from home and make a positive impact on the place where they live by building up the surroundings and providing real support to the local Aquaculture sector.

Anyone can be a part of eFishery and participate in Growing Together to advance the Aquaculture industry in Indonesia, and in the future, throughout the world. 

Quoting our Chief of Staff, Chrisna Aditya, “We know that as a startup company, being at the forefront of Aquaculture technology is our biggest mission at the moment. However, the physical and mental health of eFisherians remains a top priority for us.”

Interested in experiencing Work From Anywhere? eFishery is looking for 1,000 eFisherians who will make an impact for Farmers, Indonesia, and the world through eFishery. Check the position that suits you through our official site, LinkedIn profile, or Life as eFisherians Instagram account. Information published is regularly updated, you know! 

See you at eFishery!


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