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Get Free Assistance at eFarm With Shrimp Cultivation Experts!

Hello, Shrimp Farmers!

Are you looking for new ways to maintain your pond and optimize your cultivation? 

eFishery knows that maintaining the quality of shrimp farming is very difficult. Mr / Mrs Farmers are always looking for ways to protect their cultivation from the biggest enemies, namely disease and epidemics. In addition, optimizing the cultivation business is not easy. Farmers often need assistance from shrimp cultivation experts to be able to update their pond management and get more satisfying shrimp yields.

Now, with features Cultivation Consultation, all of that is achievable!

Cultivation Consultation is one of the excellent features available in eFarm, a shrimp farming support application from eFishery. This feature takes the form of consulting with Aquaculture and Shrimp Aquaculture experts on an ongoing basis on line past chat right in the app. With this feature, shrimp farmers can directly chat with professional shrimp farming experts to discuss conditions or problems encountered while cultivating. You can also get the solution directly!

To maintain and optimize ponds, you can ask questions about:

  • Feed recommendations and management
  • Tips for disease and epidemic prevention
  • Water management steps in ponds

To be able to access the service Cultivation Consultation in eFarm, you need to create a free account first. Following how to register eFarm new and easier:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, then search for the app eFarm, then click Install.
  2. Open the eFarm app, then click Free Register.
  3. Insert number cellphone active, and click Furthermore.
  4. You will receive an SMS containing an OTP code. Enter the number, and click Confirmation
  5. Answer the questions given.
  6. Insert Referral Code (unique code) if there is, then click Save Answer.
  7. Complete your account with a click Continue to Fill Personal Data.
  8. Fill in all the fields, then click Save Data
  9. Finished!

After successfully creating a free account at eFarm, you can get a free consultation through the Cultivation Consultation feature by:

  1. Click button Cultivation Consultation on the front page eFarm.
  2. Click button Start Consultation.
  3. Pop-ups chat will appear. Click Start Consultation, then write the message you want to consult.
  4. You will be directly connected with our shrimp experts for consultation & messages will be replied to according to operating hours.

It's easy, right?

It's time to register for eFarm! Maximum shrimp harvest through free consultation with experts!

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