An end-to-end, integrated aquaculture
ecosystem for Fish Farmers


Digital Koperasi App, creating access to a complete array of services that support their Fish Farming business. Farmers can get funding, feed, feedling, and harvest distribution services from their smartphone.

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Products & Services Within the Apps


Kabayan (Kasih, Bayar Nanti), a paylater program from eFishery for Fish Farmers all over Indonesia with tenor payments.

Beli Pakan

Online feed marketplace, delivered to the Farmer's doorstep!

Lapak Ikan

Helping Fish Farmers sell their top-quality harvests and distributing them all over the country.


Nonton Bareng

A series of informative videos on Aquaculture from eFishery's experts.

Cerita eFishery

Articles containing tips and tricks on how to optimize farming techniques and businesses.


Ask a friend to join eFisheryKu, get bonuses and benefits!


An assistant to help Fish Farmers use eFisheryKu to its fullest potential.

eFeeder untuk Ikan

Smart autofeeder that can be controlled by phone and is customizable to each Farmer's farming needs.


hindari overfeeding pada ikan

Feeding Recommendation

Feeding based on recommendations from Farmers who have increased their farming with eFeeder

Scheduled Feeding

Set the feeding schedule and its frequency at any time

Data Records

Keeping the data of feed amount thrown by eFeeder that be can accessed through the eFeeder app or the dashboard


Providing various choices of fish feed, partnering with the most trusted Fish Feed Distributors in every area.

beli pakan ikan di efishery


Official Feed Distributors

eFisheryFeed partners up with official feed distributors to ensure the best price and quality

Big Quantities

eFisheryFeed trades in big amounts so that Farmers can get the right number of feed with a better price

Efficient Supply Chain

eFisheryFeed's more efficient supply chain needs less inventory and less operating cost

Get every feed available in contents and size, from eFisheryFeed by downloading eFisheryKu

Kabayan (Kasih, Bayar Nanti)

The paylater program that grants access to funding for Fish Farmers of Indonesia, providing farming needs with term payment system.



Kabayan Regular

For Fish Farmers in need of a big loan

  • Approved in 1 month time*
  • Loan approved 20 Mil-2 Bil
  • Term payment up to 6 months
  • Term payments up to 6 months

Kabayan Kilat

For Fish Farmers in need of a quick loan

  • Approved in 2-3 days*
  • Loan approved 3-20 Mil
  • Term payments up to 3 months
  • Only available in certain areas

Ajukan Kabayan lewat eFisheryKu


eFishery's service that provides Fish Farmers with the best price for their harvests and top-of-the-line distribution system for their produce, ensuring fair trade for both the Farmers and the consumers.

Experience the benefits of Lapakan through eFisheryKu