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eFeeder for Shrimp

Simplify feeding in the process of shrimp farming with eFeeder. This automatic feeding device can be adjusted via cellphone according to the wishes and needs of cultivation.

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Use of eFeeder for Shrimp

berikan pakan ikan tanpa ke kolam

Accelerate Growth

eFeeder is able to reduce the remaining feed, so that waste that has the potential to reduce shrimp health is also reduced.

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Optimizing FCR

eFeeder makes feed distribution more even and feed nutrition is maintained, so that FCR is more optimal.

Improving Water Quality

eFeeder is able to reduce the remaining feed, so that waste that has the potential to reduce fish health is also reduced.

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Increase Production

eFeeder makes feeding scheduled and measurable so harvest can be faster.

eFeeder feature for Shrimp

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Calibration feature

The Calibration feature improves the accuracy of the amount of feed that comes out and has an accuracy with an error <5%.

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Scheduled Feeding

Feeding schedule can be adjusted as needed with 3 modes, (Basic, Advanced and Continious).

Data Records

eFeeder can record feed data that comes out and can be accessed through the eFeeder application.

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Measuring Motor

The Dosing Motor makes the feed ejection more stable.

eFeeder Specifications for Shrimp

Day and night

1230 x 600 x 600 mm

100 kgs

Feed Ejection
360 degrees

Feed Size

Feed Ejection Distance
up to 20+ m

Power Consumption
120 watts (when working)
and 1 watt (when on standby)

AC 200V, DC24V

Pool Size
7-15m per 1 Feeder

How to Order eFeeder for Shrimp

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1. Visit order.efishery.com

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2. Complete the form

order efeeder

3. Click Submit

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Harvest more shrimp and faster, with feed efficiency. Make bigger profits with eFeeder!

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