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eFeeder for Fish

Simplify feeding in the fish farming process with eFeeder. This automatic feeding device can be adjusted via cellphone according to the wishes and needs of cultivation.

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Advantages of Using eFeeder for Fish

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Simplify Feed Settings Via Smartphone

eFeeder dispenses feed automatically with a schedule and weight that can be adjusted according to cultivation needs.

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Accelerate Growth

eFeeder supports a sustainable fish diet, resulting in faster growth.

Optimizing FCR

eFeeder makes feed distribution more even and feed nutrition is maintained, so that FCR is more optimal.

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Improving Water Quality

eFeeder is able to reduce the remaining feed, so that waste that has the potential to reduce fish health is also reduced.

Advantages of eFeeder for Fish

  • Give recommendations for feeding fish in accordance with the experience of Fish Farmers who have successfully increased cultivation with eFeeder
  • Tong designed using plastic, so easy maintenance, durable, and rust free
  • Can be used for various sizes of feed, ranging from 1-5mm
  • Own throwing power up to 15m with 90 degree ejection area
  • Saving power consumption, 40 watts when working and 1 watt when standby

Harvest more fish and faster, with feed efficiency. Make bigger profits with eFeeder!

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