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Access to productivity
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A platform that offers complete solutions, especially for shrimp farmers. Enjoy various services that help your cultivation productivity, only in one platform!


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Cultivation Consultation

Quick access to eFishery experts and practitioners for online cultivation constraint consultations.

Learn Cultivation

A series of insightful cultivation videos from trusted experts and practitioners for FREE!

Cultivation Shop

The place to buy complete and quality shrimp farming needs at the best price. LOTS OF PROMOS!

Cultivation Calculator

Calculate shrimp growth predictions accurately, quickly, and as needed in order to get multiple profits!

Cultivation Event

Connect directly with experts, practitioners, and other shrimp farmer friends to discuss constraints and optimize shrimp farming.

Harvest Plan

Record harvest data to make it more structured and get a chance to buy shrimp at the best price!

How to Enjoy Efficiency
Cultivating Through eFarm

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eFarm Application for Shrimp Farmers

Open the Google Play app, type “eFarm” in the search field, then install.

Or click here.

Open the eFarm application, select it “Don't Have Account, Register First” for new users, or "Enter" for those who already have an account on the web.

Follow the steps according to the instructions.

Enter the OTP code sent via SMS to the registered number.

You can enjoy all the conveniences of shrimp farming here eFarm for maximum shrimp weight!

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