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Solutions in Aquaculture
in Every Step of the Way

eFishery believes
that we have found the key
to tackling world hunger

However, great potential does not come with great ease. Hurdles and challenges are still upon us if we are to truly optimize the impacts of the Fishery sector.

These challenges are what motivated us to create an integrated solution that supports each and every step of the Aquaculture process. eFishery’s current and upcoming products and services are here to completely support your farming business. More than that, it’s created to build a sustainable ecosystem, where fish and shrimp farmers can increase productivity and expand the business.

Mendukung peningkatan skala bisnis Pembudidaya melaui akses ke institusi finansial yang terdaftar dan diawasi OJK, menciptakan teknologi untuk meningkatkan efisiensi pakan, mendampingi dengan ragam layanan untuk mendorong produktivitas, hingga menyalurkan hasil panen untuk budidaya yang berkelanjutan.

This is the solution we present for the world, in order to ensure aqua-farmers’ welfare and strengthen food security in every corner of the planet.

A Solution for
Fish Farmers

Layanan lengkap, dari hulu ke hilir untuk Pembudidaya Ikan. Rasakan kemudahan transaksi pakan, akses ke institusi finansial yang terdaftar dan diawasi OJK, serta berita dan info terbaru terkait dunia Akuakultur, semua tersedia untuk Pembudidaya!

Aplikasi Koperasi Digital untuk Pembudidaya ikan, menyediakan akses ke semua fasilitas eFishery, mulai dari pembelian pakan secara online hingga akses ke institusi finansial yang terdaftar dan diawasi OJK, hanya dalam satu klik.

eFishery’s feature smart feeder, fully automated & customizable to your fish feeding needs for better harvests.

Program bernama Kasih, Bayar Nanti — membantu Pembudidaya memenuhi kebutuhan budidaya yang dibayarkan setelah panen.

Fish feed center that fulfills all of your farming needs, partnering with hundreds of feed agents all across the country.

The go-to market for your fish harvests, ensuring fast, direct, and reliable transactions & distribution of your produce.

A Solution for
Shrimp Farmers

An integrated farming ecosystem, built to increase productivity, maintain water quality, prevent diseases, and recommend a data-based pond management system, to support Shrimp Farmers with their ponds.

Digitizing your system & providing you with assistance & recommendations from Aquaculture experts for optimal shrimp harvests.


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eFishery’s feature smart feeder, fully automated & customizable to your shrimp feeding needs for better harvests.

Preventing diseases from your shrimp ponds has never been easier, with the help of our technology & eco-friendly disinfectant.

Creating a fair, sustainable trade ecosystem by giving you the best prices and fast payment services for your harvests.

A Solution for

Ensuring that all Indonesians can enjoy the best quality fish and shrimp by directly distributing farmer’s top quality harvests in live, fresh, and frozen form.

Living freshwater fish, distributed to your businesses & homes with care and the best system to protect the quality of the produce.

Fulfilling the needs of fishery products for businesses and customers with fresh, top-of-the-line harvests straight from the farmers.

Freezing in the quality of farmer’s produce with advanced methods & distributing them to numerous businesses & customers.