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ikan dori vs ikan patin

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Surely you are no stranger to hearing the name of this one fish. But, did you know that the dori fish that is often found in supermarkets is not the dori type? After investigating, it turns out that the dori fish filet that is often sold in Indonesia is the catfish filet! 

Overseas, preparations that are sold are better known by the name john dory fish, a type of fish that lives in the sea. Even though the shape is very unattractive, this one fish has a unique taste. Therefore, dory fish have many fans.

In Indonesia, the name dori is the selling name for the local catfish filet. Even though the types are different, catfish filets are no less delicious, you know!

In order to be able to distinguish these two types of fish, let's discuss their characteristics!

Dori fish are harder to find

Because john dory is a fish that lives in the sea, this fish is more difficult to find in the market or in supermarkets. Because it is rare, this fish is also priced at a higher price. 

Unlike john dory, catfish are easier to find because they can be cultivated. Catfish can be found easily in traditional markets and urban supermarkets. 

Has a very different shape

ikan john dori
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Dori fish and catfish that have not been filleted have very different body characteristics. Dori fish are brown and white with a striped pattern like a tiger. This fish also has a black spot in the middle of its body which functions as a false eye to trick predators. In addition, john dory fish also have long and sharp fin bones.

ikan patin

Catfish is a freshwater fish that is commonly cultivated in Indonesia. This fish, which is still in the same family as catfish, has a black-gray body on top and silver-white on the belly. The head of the catfish is small, while the body is large and shrinks again at the tail. Catfish have much smaller fins than john dory fish. His body is also fatter than the john dory fish which is flat and thin.

The texture of dori fish meat is denser than catfish

The texture of dori fish and catfish meat has a number of differences, one of which is the density. Dori fish meat is denser than catfish. In addition, dori fish meat is also more chewy than catfish. 

Dori fish fiber is finer than catfish

This one feature is easier to see when compared directly, especially when both types of fish are in the form of fillets. Dori fish meat has fine and small fibers, in contrast to catfish which has larger fibers. If cut crosswise, dori fish fibers form small fibers or fine hairs, while catfish fibers will be clearly visible to the eye.

Has a Different Smell

The smell of fresh water fish and sea water fish is of course different. Likewise with john dory fish and catfish. John dory fish has a sea-like aroma, tends to be saltier and fishier. Catfish tend to smell like mud. However, if the cultivation and processing process is right, this smell can disappear.

The taste of catfish is sweeter & more savory

Even though it has a softer texture and a lower price, catfish has a more delicious taste than dori fish. After being cooked, catfish meat has a sweeter and savorier taste, even without seasoning. John dory fish has a more bland taste when compared to catfish.

Those are the characteristics of dori fish and catfish and the differences between the two. Now, you can differentiate and choose between the two! Let's eat fish for a healthier body!

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