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perbedaan gurami jantan dan betina

Maybe you don't know the difference between male and female gourami. It turns out, how to tell the difference is very easy, you know!

Knowing the differences between male and female carp can help you in the hatchery process. Thus, seeding can be done properly and produce superior seeds.

You don't need to be confused anymore to tell the difference. This article will thoroughly examine how to distinguish between male and female carp.

General Characteristics and Characteristics of Gurami Fish

Gouramy has the characteristic that it is not "fussy" when it is cultivated, because this fish can live in various environmental conditions and water quality. If you pay attention, you often see gourami swimming to the surface of the water. This is because the gourami has a labyrinth-shaped second gill which functions to take oxygen directly from the air.

Gourami fish are classified as all-eaters. Generally, gouramis tend to choose the type of food according to their age. In the larval and seed phases, gourami eat microorganisms, such as phytoplankton, zooplankton, and aquatic insects.

While in the adult phase, gourami tend to prefer plants, such as azolla, water spinach, and genjer. However, in cultivation ponds, cultivators usually provide cassava leaves, papaya leaves, or pellets for optimal growth.

In addition, male carp has a unique habit, that is, before the female carp lays eggs, the male carp first makes a nest of palm fiber or dry plants in the pond to lay the eggs. After the egg-laying process is complete, the male parent will leave and the nest containing the eggs is guarded by the female parent.

After knowing the characteristics of gouramy, you need to know more about gourami. Here are the general characteristics of gouramy:

  1. It has a flat and oval body with thick flesh.
  2. Its mouth is small but can be muzzled.
  3. The scales on the body are large and the scales on the head have a slightly rough texture around the edges.
  4. The teeth located in the jaws are small. However, the outer teeth are larger in size.
  5. The dorsal and anal fins have spines. The older the gouramy, the bigger the thorns.
  6. The abdomen has a long thread and functions as a touch.
  7. Young gourami have 8 vertical lines.
  8. The edge of the caudal fin is yellow or silver.
  9. The upper and lower fins have a black spot at the base.

Differences between Male and Female Gurami Fish

You need to understand the differences between male and female gouramy, especially for the gouramy hatchery process. There are several ways to distinguish male and female gourami.

The characteristics of male gourami fish:

  1. Slender shape body.
  2. Movement agile and agile.
  3. The head and forehead protrude slightly.
  4. The belly is more pointed.
  5. The arrangement of the scales is normal.
  6. The fins are blackish but lighter.
  7. If placed on a flat place the tail will rise up.
  8. The reproductive organs are sharp and visible.

The characteristics of female gouramy:

  1. Body thick and round.
  2. Slow motion.
  3. The head and forehead have no protrusions.
  4. The lower part of the body (stomach) is round.
  5. Open scale arrangement.
  6. Have fins with cream or white color.
  7. If it is placed on a flat place the tail is moved.
  8. The reproductive organs are oval and visible.

In addition to how to distinguish male and female gouramy, you also need to know the characteristics of gourami broodstock for the spawning process in order to produce quality seeds.

Following are the characteristics of gourami broodstock:

Weight 2-2.5 kg / headWeight 2.5-3 kg / head
Minimum age 2 yearsMinimum age 2 years
The bulge on the forehead is clearly visibleThe bulge is not that obvious
Slender bellyRound belly
Sturdy and agileReddened genitals
If the reproductive organs are squeezed slowly, a milky white liquid will be releasedIf the reproductive organs are squeezed slowly, nothing will come out

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