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Although tilapia cultivation fairly easy, does not mean there are no problems in the cultivation of fish native to Africa. Sudden death can occur. So, what causes tilapia to die?

Come on, see this article to find out!

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Before knowing what factors cause tilapia to die, let's look at a brief explanation about tilapia and its business opportunities!

Tilapia is an omnivorous fish that can breed easily. In one spawn, tilapia can issue up to 1,500 eggs.

The number of eggs produced by tilapia is one of the factors that benefit the tilapia business. In addition, the selling price of this fish is very stable and its cultivation does not require large capital.

Even though it looks very tempting, there are several factors that cause tilapia to suddenly die in the middle of a cultivation cycle. Come on, let's see together!

Factors Causing Tilapia Death

1. Rain or Extreme Weather

Rain and extreme weather can worsen tilapia's immune system because tilapia cannot adapt quickly to drastic changes. Rainwater with a high acid content will greatly affect the pH of the water in the pond.

This high level of acidity cannot be tolerated by tilapia so it can cause sores on their scales. Besides being able to carry high acid levels, rainwater can also carry pests and diseases that are deadly to tilapia. 

To neutralize the acid levels in pool water, you can use rubbed salt, papaya leaves, or probiotics. Meanwhile, to deal with pests and diseases brought by the rain, you can use ginger or turmeric.

2. Pool Conditions

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Poor pond conditions can be the cause of tilapia death. To make pond conditions good for tilapia growth, you must pay attention to water quality, pond cleanliness, and water level. If it doesn't meet the needs of the fish, this can cause new problems, such as stress, the fish are susceptible to disease, and will eventually die.

For water maintenance and pond cleanliness, you are advised to drain it regularly and sprinkle enough salt. Salt functions to kill fungi and bacteria in the pool.

You are also advised to install a water wheel over the pond to maintain oxygen intake. If you are cultivating tilapia using a pond that has just been made, don't forget to wash the pond before use. This is done to kill harmful chemicals contained in pool-making materials such as cement and tarpaulin.

3. Overcrowded Pool

Ponds that are too dense are not good for the growth of tilapia. If the pond is too crowded, the fish cannot move their bodies freely, get enough oxygen and feed.

Of course this is not very good and you should avoid it. Therefore, make sure the number of tilapia is not more than 75 fish per m3in non-circulating ponds and 150 individuals per m3in well-circulated ponds.

4. Diseases

Diseases in fish come from three sources, namely the fish itself, diseases carried by other animals such as birds, and the fish's environment. If your tilapia fish suddenly floats dead on the surface of the pond, it may be caused by a disease attack. 

These diseases can injure the internal organs of tilapia and can even prevent fertilization in the mother fish. Unfortunately, disease in fish is very difficult to detect because characteristics of the disease should be seen carefully.

However, if you see one or two dead fish in the pond, you should immediately consult a fish expert. Even though the number of fish that died was small, it could be that other fish had contracted the same disease.

You are advised to sanitize the fish seeds first before putting them in the pond to avoid bad bacteria, such as pathogens that can cause death. In addition, change the pool water regularly so that the quality remains good. If there are fish that look sick, you are advised to isolate them and give them medicine.

5. Excessive Feeding

Overfeeding is the most common cause of tilapia death. Maybe you think that excessive feeding can accelerate fish growth.

In fact, it will poison the fish. Leftover feed that is not eaten will increase the production of waste substances such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Just like other animals, tilapia can also feel full. So, if it is fed excessively it is certainly not good for digestive health.

In order not to provide less or more amount of feed, you are advised to adjust the body size of the fish to the amount of feed given. You are also advised to make an accurate feeding schedule.

6. Stress Fish

For fish, stress can be very deadly, especially stress caused by a lack of oxygen, unfavorable environmental conditions, and stocking densities that are too high. If you are stressed, fish are easily exposed to viruses. Even though there is only one fish that is stressed and affected by the disease, other fish will also be infected because there are several diseases that can be transmitted through water.

Fish that experience will lose their appetite, are lazy to move, and are always at the bottom of the pond. If that's the case, the fish will get sick. For this reason, you are advised to separate fish that already have these characteristics from other fish so that the disease is not transmitted.

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