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Hello, Fellow Cultivators! 

We meet again at SIAR, the second part of the Aquaculture Information Series, episode 3, on the topic “Disease in Gurame Fish”! At SIAR, the eFishery Aquaculture team will share tips, tricks, and info about fish and shrimp farming for the general public, especially Indonesian farmers!

In this episode, we are still accompanied by Daru, who will explain the types of diseases caused by 2 other types of pathogens, namely bacteria and fungi! Some diseases caused by bacterial pathogens are Columnaris and red spot. Both of these diseases thrive in poor waters, so it's very important that you take care of the quality of your pond!

Apart from pathogenic diseases caused by bacteria, there are also diseases caused by fungi, such as Saprolegnia and Achyla. Fish infected with the fungus will have fine threads or fungal hyphae in the wound. 

If left untreated, diseases originating from pathogens can kill your carp, even derailing your harvest. Therefore, Daru will also share tips and how to prevent disease in carp!

Watch SIAR episode three, part two below! Wait for other SIAR episodes on the eFishery YouTube channel!

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