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Shrimp farming is becoming an increasingly promising business. However, disease outbreaks often become a problem that overshadows shrimp farmers. Outbreaks of Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) and Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) have become regular visitors to ponds and have threatened farmers' crops over the last decade. 

eFishery through one of its business units, eFisheryFarm answering this anxiety by presenting the Disease Prevention System (DPS), a program to prevent disease outbreaks in shrimp ponds and solutions for managing water quality that are effective and environmentally friendly based on technology. This program was officially launched on April 15 2021, with Gibran Huzaifah, CEO and Co-founder of eFishery, and Mr. Bobby Haerul Anwar, Brand Ambassador of eFisheryFarm. The event was also completed with a talk show with our two speakers, with Dian Ayu as the host.

Quoted from their conversation, Gibran said that all eFishery products are made to solve the problems experienced by Friends of Cultivators, and DPS is no exception. When surveying the field, Gibran found that not a few cultivators suffered losses, even crop failures, due to epidemic diseases. 

Gibran explained that as part of the DPS service, eFishery technicians would check or assessment early stages with output form biosecurity scoring to determine the level of susceptibility of ponds to disease attack. The eFishery team will also regularly check and analyze pond water quality, as well as provide reports and recommendations for water treatment. In addition, technicians will also provide recommendations for dosing of disinfectants as well as protocols and free consultation if the pond is attacked by an outbreak, so that the farmers can cultivate safely without worrying that their pond will be attacked by disease.

This has been proven by Pak Bobby, eFisheryFarm Brand Ambassador and Shrimp Farmers from the Blue Vaname Farmers Group. He said that there had been a pandemic of premature deaths where his pond was operating in Subang. Not only that, blooming plankton also often occurs in his pond when entering DOC above 50, plus breathless death at DOC 70 until harvest which is suspected to be caused by Myo or Infectious Myonecrosis Virus (IMNV).

Pak Bobby and other farmers from the Blue Vaname Farmers Group then decided to try the DPS product from eFishery. "As a result, my shrimp farming avoided premature death, it didn't happen blooming plankton, and when there is death in DOC 70 it can be immediately stopped by doing outbreak protocol from the DPS program,” he explained. Apart from avoiding disease outbreaks, Pak Bobby also directly experienced the various benefits of the DPS product, including an increase in average income which reached 111,27% per square meter. 

Mr. Bobby advised not to be allergic to using new technology which according to him is proven to be able to increase income and prevent disease in shrimp. He added that the use of DPS is a good investment when compared to losses when the pond is attacked by an epidemic which can result in crop failure. The price is quite affordable to ensure that the pond is protected from disease outbreaks so that farmers feel calm in cultivating shrimp. 

The Disease Prevention System program from eFishery can be obtained by subscribing per month, with prices starting from IDR 1.8 million. For more info & subscription registration, you can directly visit the product page eFishery eFarm!

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