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cara mengatasi sr udang rendah dengan aqualisan

There are many ways to increase the SR of shrimp in ponds. One way is to maintain water quality so that it remains in optimal conditions. Before we discuss how to deal with low SR shrimp, let's discuss the causes of low SR in shrimp. Check out the explanation below!

Causes of Low SR

Survival Rate or SR is the survival rate of shrimp compared to the number of fry. Roughly speaking, SR is the number of shrimp that have reached the harvest stage.

Of course, the SR number is directly proportional to the amount of profit that you can get when you harvest. That is why SR is one of the cultivation factors that needs to be maintained.

There are several factors that can cause low SR numbers in ponds. Check out the review below!

1. Stocking density 

The higher the stocking density of the shrimp, the lower the SR. This is caused by competition for resources in ponds, such as space, feed, oxygen, and others. Therefore, you need to find the best stocking density figures so that the shrimp SR is maintained, but your profits are maintained.

2. Feed Amount

The feed stocked must be in accordance with the needs of the shrimp. If the feed is spread too little or underfeeding, competition for feed will occur and trigger shrimp cannibalism.

However, if the feed is spread too much or overfeeding, pond water quality can be damaged and trigger the emergence of disease in ponds.

3. Handling during Sampling and Partial Harvest

When you do sampling or partial harvesting of shrimp, you must be careful in handling the shrimp, because shrimp are animals that get stressed easily.

Make sure all tools used for sampling and partial harvest are sterilized. This includes the hands and limbs of Mr/Mrs and Pool Technicians/Children who help with the sampling process or partial harvest.

4. Benur

The quality of the fry that you use for shrimp farming greatly affects SR. Fry with poor quality will be susceptible to death due to disease. However, quality fry will be relatively more resistant to disease and not difficult to raise.

5. Water Quality

Water quality that is not optimal can cause shrimp to experience stress. When shrimp are stressed, shrimp will easily become infected with disease and die. With stable water conditions, shrimp can grow and develop optimally. That's why you need to maintain the water quality in the pond so that it remains stable.

6. Disease infection

Disease infection is the biggest cause of death in shrimp. Several types of diseases that often attack shrimp are Vibriosis, Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV), Infectious Myonecrosis Virus (IMNV or Myo), Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND or Early Mortality Syndrome/EMS), and White Feces Disease (WFD). To protect shrimp from disease, you need to properly maintain the immune system and water quality in the pond. 

Can Aqualisan Increase SR? 

disinfektan aqualisan 22 kg

Aqualisan is an environmentally friendly disinfectant for shrimp farming. This product can quickly oxidize the cell walls and membranes of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, spores and other harmful microbes, thereby killing or rendering them harmless to shrimp.

Aqualisan is a universal disinfectant that can be used to fight diseases including the White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), TSV, AHPND/EMS, and Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP). This makes Aqualisan a disinfectant that can increase the survival rate or SR in shrimp.

Aqualisan consists of peracetic acid (PAA) which is a stabilized mixture of acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and water. It is in liquid form, so it dissolves easily when applied to ponds and leaves no residue. 

The benefits of using Aqualisan in ponds are as follows:

  1. Controls and kills viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
  2. Oxidize and eliminate H2S, NH3, NO2, and algae toxins.
  3. Increase Dissolved Oxygen (DO) or dissolved oxygen in ponds.
  4. Environmentally friendly.
  5. It is harmless to shrimp because it does not cause drug resistance and decomposes in water without leaving residue.
  6. Ensuring the safety of biosecurity in ponds by killing and weakening diseases, controlling the spread of disease, and preventing disease transmission to other ponds. 

How to Use Aqualisan to Overcome Low Shrimp SR

sr (survival rate) tambak udang pak agus sugiharto sebelum dan setelah menggunakan aqualisan
Source: eFishery

Aqualisan is able to increase SR in shrimp. This benefit was felt directly by Pak Agus Sugiharto, a farmer from Purworejo, East Java, who managed to increase the SR of his pond to 88% with the help of Aqualisan. Mr. Agus Sugiharto, of course, uses Aqualisan according to expert recommendations and the right dosage.

Recommendations for using Aqualisan are as follows:

  1. The application of Aqualisan is adjusted to the target microorganism. Make sure it's not used at the same time as using probiotics. The following are the recommended dosing times:
    – If you want to target BGA (Blue Green Algae), then dosing is done when the sun starts to set.
    – If you want to target GA (Green Algae), then dosing is done in the afternoon.
    – If you want to target bacteria, dosing is done at night after there is no sunlight.
  2. Place the dosing on the anco bridge.
  3. Use an infusion tube with a minimum duration of 30 minutes. Make sure the end of the hose goes into the water, so that the Aqualisan doesn't meet the air.
  4. Dosage used:
    – Ground pond: 4 ppm during the cultivation period
    – HDPE, plastic, mulch or concrete ponds: 2 ppm, adjusted to water quality conditions during cultivation

Increase Shrimp SR and Maximize Cultivation Results with Aqualisan Support

Shrimp SR is one of the determinants of the success of aquaculture. You should take preventative measures to keep the shrimp's SR high. One of the steps that you can take is to use the product Aqualisan which can be obtained through Cultivation Shop in eFarm.

disinfektan aqualisan 22 kg

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Questions Regarding Overcoming Low Vibrio SR Shrimp with Aqualisan

Can, Aqualisan is an environmentally friendly disinfectant for shrimp farming. This product can quickly oxidize the cell walls and membranes of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, spores and other harmful microbes, thereby killing or rendering them harmless to shrimp. As a result, shrimp are protected from disease and the survival rate or SR in shrimp also increases.

Aqualisan rapidly oxidizes cell walls and membranes of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, spores and harmful microbes. How to apply Aqualisan to shrimp ponds is necessary adapted to the target microorganism and the type of pond.

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