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An important factor that supports the success of the snakehead fish farming business is the determination of the right snakehead fish seeds. By choosing quality seeds, the costs incurred are not much different but the yields will be very different. That way, you can reap maximum benefits.

Even though the trend of snakehead fish farming in several big cities in Indonesia has mushroomed, the business opportunity is still wide open due to the increasing demand for snakehead fish in the market. 

Snakehead fish has good nutritional and nutritional content, the demand in local and foreign markets is always high, and the capital required is smaller than catfish or tilapia cultivation. 

Several countries that are export destinations for snakehead fish are Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

However, to start cork fish cultivation, you need to consider choosing the right snakehead fish seeds. In addition to how to care for and feed snakehead fish, the main factor for successful snakehead fish farming is having the best quality snakehead fish seeds.

So that the Snakehead Fish Seeds Grow Evenly

Tips for choosing the best quality snakehead fish seeds are:

  • Has agile and aggressive characteristics, especially when touched.
  • Not physically disabled.
  • Have a healthy body condition and complete with scales that are firmly attached to the body.
  • Free from any kind of fish disease. You can tell by the slippery and smooth skin of the seeds of the fish.
  • Has a body size that is uniform from one seed to another.
  • Has a minimum length of 4-6 and 6-7 cm or 5-7 and 7-8 cm. Because the bigger it is, the easier it is to treat.

The last part, namely the body of the seeds, must be uniform in size, which must be really considered when buying snakehead fish seeds. The goal is to minimize the risk of same-sex cannibalism. Because, because of its nature as a carnivore, the snakehead fish is larger than other snakehead fish and will prey on its own friends.

It is recommended that you buy snakehead fish seeds directly from fish seed sellers in order to get uniform sizes of snakehead fish seeds. Usually, snakehead fish cultivators have grouped fish seeds based on type and size.

Meanwhile, to find out whether the snakehead fish seeds you bought are healthy or not, you can pay attention to the seeds for about three to seven days while the baby fish are adapting to the new pond. 

If almost 90 percent or more than 90 percent of the cork fry die, then you need to check the health of the snakehead fish seeds.

An important factor for the success of snakehead fish farming after selecting snakehead fish seeds is the enlargement process, or how you take care of the snakehead fish until they are big to be harvested later.

First, what needs to be considered is the feeding of snakehead fish. Choose snakehead fish feed that has a high protein content to help accelerate the growth of snakehead fish puppies. Make sure that you have spread the experts evenly.

Snakehead fish seedlings that have just been taken from the main pond can be fed silk worms after 7 to 10 days. 

It is better if you get silkworms in rivers or streams instead of silk worm livestock. This is because what often happens is that the size of the silk worms that are bred will be smaller than the silk worms that live in rivers or streams. However, to feed the snakehead fish with silkworms, extra attention is needed so that the silkworms don't hide at the bottom of the pond. 

You need to make a plastic net or tray that has been tied with bricks or other weighted objects so that the net or tray does not move easily. Another alternative is to use a rectangular styrofoam container with a hole in the middle then tied with string and stored. hanging over the pond. Place the feed bowl 5 cm above the water level.

Before the silk worms are given to the snakehead fish seeds as feed, you need to wash them first so that they are free from dirt and the unpleasant smell of the remains of dead worm carcasses. Feeding like this can train the snakehead fish to get used to eating floating pellets. 

To change the snakehead fish feed from silkworms to pellets or other types of snakehead fish feed, you need to check the condition of the snakehead fish. In other words, there is no specific number to explain how long snakehead fish fry are fed with silk worms. 

Snakehead fish are ready to be fed pellets when their mouth opening is large enough to eat pellets easily. When it's time for the snakehead fish to be fed pellets, you also need to include probiotics in the pellets so that the fish can easily digest and be absorbed by the body. Don't let a lot of nutrients go to waste even though it is good for accelerating the growth of snakehead fish.

In addition, avoid spreading snakehead fish food only at one point or a few points so that the growth of the snakehead fish fry is evenly distributed. The impact of uneven distribution of feed is uneven fish growth and cannibalism due to different sizes of snakehead fish in one pond. When you buy fish seeds with a uniform size and an even way of feeding, the impact will be an even growth of the body of the snakehead fish. 

If it turns out that you missed it and it has already happened, immediately separate the larger snakehead fish so that they don't prey on other snakehead fish.

Second, pay attention to how to replace the water or the bottom siphon of the snakehead fish farming pond. Ideally, you replace the water or pond bottom siphon at a certain period which is determined according to the density of the snakehead fish. The denser the snakehead fish seeds, the cleaning of the pool and changing the pool water must be done frequently. However, you also need to consider cleaning the aquaculture pond depending on feeding the snakehead fish. Indeed, when feeding silk worms, the quality of clean pool water will last a long time. It's different when you give pellet feed.

Third, when the cork fish seeds are under one month old, it is better if the cultivation pond is covered so that the snakehead fish seeds cannot jump out, especially when it rains or when changing pond water with new water.

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How to Spread Snakehead Fish Seeds

Is it necessary to know how to spread the correct cork fish seeds? If the answer is yes, you need to know how to sow snakehead fish seeds correctly to minimize human error which will reduce the quality of the snakehead fish harvest later. It can be said that the correct method of sowing snakehead fish seeds is the first step in how to cultivate snakehead fish.

If you get snakehead fish seeds directly from your own brood pond, then you need to pay attention to the cleanliness and temperature of the new pond water where the snakehead fish seeds will be grown. One of the water factors that need to be considered is the water temperature. 

Even though the snakehead fish seedling pond is ready, it is better to separate the snakehead fish fry after the fish are more than two weeks old. Move the snakehead fish seeds in the morning when you haven't given the snakehead fish food. You can only provide snakehead fish feed when the snakehead fish seeds are in the new pond for two days.

If you buy snakehead fish seeds, you also need to consider when the seeds arrive at the aquaculture pond so that you can calculate the time of spreading the seeds. Ideally, the right time to sow the snakehead fish seeds is when the water temperature is low or in the morning before 9am or after 3pm. So, calculate when the snakehead fish seeds will arrive at the aquaculture pond.

To spread the snakehead fish seeds, the first thing to do is put a shelter at the bottom of the pond so that the snakehead fish seeds have a place to take shelter. Shade can be made of PVC pipes or bamboo.

Mainstay Tools to Support the Growth of Snakehead Fish Seeds

Having the best quality snakehead fish seeds is not enough to get maximum yields. You must really pay attention to how to care for and feed the snakehead fish, especially the snakehead fish. You also need to consider the nutritional content of the snakehead fish feed and the even distribution of good fish feed so that the growth of large snakehead fish is evenly distributed.

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