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Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Come on, get to know Mr. Dede Abdul Aziz!

Pak Dede is a tilapia, carp and catfish cultivator. With his vast experience and knowledge in fish farming, cultivating 3 types of fish at one time is not a big problem for Mr. Dede. As time went on, Mr. Dede realized that managing his fish culture required a lot of manpower.

Pak Dede can also spend 1 ton of feed in 1 harvest cycle. From there, Mr. Dede also thought of ways to save on cultivation costs. Until finally Mr. Dede knows eFeeders, automatic fish feeder from eFishery. Pak Dede really felt the positive impact eFeeders the one that can help the workers in the pond, especially in terms of feeding.

eFeeders is an automatic fish feeder or commonly called smart feeders which can maximize your fish and shrimp cultivation. With a throw distance of up to 15 meters, eFeeders can facilitate feeding. Just go through the application eFeeders what can you sir/madam downloads in the Google Play Store, the amount and time of feeding can be adjusted according to the wishes and needs of the cultivation.

Currently, Mr. Dede has used 1 unit of this automatic feeder for his personal pond and around 16 other units for the 30 pond plots that he owns and manages with other cultivators. Pak Dede and other cultivators he works with have 30 ponds of 2 different sizes. These pools range from 10 meters x 5 meters to a large pool measuring 700 square meters or often called a 50 brick pool.

Mr. Dede told me that while wearing eFeeders from eFishery, Pak Dede and other cultivators who cooperate with him can carry out other activities that have not been carried out so far. Mr. Dede also felt that there was eFeeders, cultivation becomes more efficient and effective in terms of energy and time.

The use of eFeeder is very practical. All I have to do is set the feeding schedule via my cellphone, the feed is automatically distributed to the pond. Before using the eFeeder, I and other cultivators must always be on the edge of the pond for a full day so that the feed can be given at the right time. After the existence of eFeeder, thank God, it doesn't have to be like that anymore.

Apart from that, Mr. Dede also said that after he used it eFeeders, harvest can be done faster than before using eFeeders. The quality of the fish is also much better and the sizes are more even. This is because eFeeders has a throw distance of up to 15 meters which can reach the entire pool area.

Now the fish harvest he gets can reach 90% from the seeds he spreads. Pak Dede hopes eFeeders can help other Cultivators so they can also feel the positive impact he is feeling right now. 

Use eFeeder 5 to Maximize Cultivation More

alat pakan ikan otomatis

That's the story of Mr. Dede who used 17 units eFeeders to maximize the cultivation of 3 types of fish!

If you want to get the convenience of cultivation by using eFeeders, now there is eFeeders 5 who are ready to help! With the latest technology that maximizes cultivation, eFeeders 5 will make the distribution of feed and data recording more effective and optimal.

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