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Fellow Cultivators who wish cultivating mujair fish you should know the tilapia fish food so that it grows quickly. There are two types of feed, namely those made from natural and artificial ingredients.

Mujair fish is classified as one of the fish that is often consumed by people in Indonesia and is rich in high protein that the body needs. 

The demand for tilapia fish increases every year in line with the number of new tilapia fish cultivators. Not a few also start tilapia fish farming business at home.

In order for the tilapia fish to have the ideal body weight for harvesting, you need to know the tilapia fish feed so that it grows quickly, its composition and how to feed it.

Food for Mujair Fish to Grow Big Fast 

Actually, the provision of tilapia fish feed can be considered economical, it can also require special costs depending on the type of feed. There are two types of tilapia fish feed, namely natural and artificial feed. The following are examples of tilapia fish feed of each type.

1. Bran

The content of carbohydrates and protein in bran is quite high so it is good to be recommended as tilapia fish food so that they grow up quickly. Especially if you give this type of feed to tilapia fish or tilapia fish that are still small.

2. Taro Leaves

Both old and young taro leaves can be used as tilapia fish food. 

You need to chop the taro leaves coarsely and then spread them in the tilapia fish pond. The good thing is, taro leaves are given regularly for one or two weeks.

3. Kale

Who would have thought that kale could be used as tilapia fish feed so they grow up quickly. You can give chopped kale as feed for tilapia fish or tilapia fish whose size is still small. 

However, before chopping it is better if you wash the kale first.

4. Moss

The next natural tilapia fish food that you can choose from is moss. Moss grows in moist areas around tilapia fish ponds. 

Even though it can increase the body weight of tilapia fish, you still shouldn't overfeed tilapia fish using moss.

The reason is, too much moss in tilapia fish ponds can actually reduce water quality and interfere with the perfect growth of tilapia fish.

5. Artemia

Artemia is a type of primitive fish that can be found on the coast. As well as tilapia feed, artemia is also good to be given to mujair fish as food. 

The size of artemia is only one to two centimeters with a body weight of 10 milligrams, but it contains nutrients and nutrients that are good for the growth of tilapia fish.

Artemia can be food for tilapia fry because it contains high levels of protein and fat.

6. Earthworms

The food for tilapia fish so that they grow up quickly, then earthworms. Earthworms contain high levels of protein and fat which are good for tilapia fish development and growth. In fact, the mineral content of earthworms reaches 60 percent. 

Even so, you can tell which are earthworms which are white maggots. It is not recommended to feed tilapia fish with white maggots because these animals actually contain a lot of high levels of fat and can inhibit the growth of tilapia fish.

7. Silkworms

Silkworms are also good for tilapia fish food because they have almost the same nutritional content as earthworms. 

Silk worms can be used as food for tilapia fish that are small or still juveniles so that they grow big quickly. However, what needs to be underlined is that you have to provide feed regularly.

8. Rice

Don't throw away the leftover rice, it's better to set aside the leftover rice that you used to eat to be used as tilapia fish food. 

However, you need to mix the rice with other food scraps to make fish pellets because rice only contains good carbohydrates for tilapia fish but does not contain protein and fat.

9. Apu Sudden Wood

Apu dadak wood contains a high enough protein content so it is suitable to be used as tilapia fish feed so that it grows quickly. Aside from being used as feed, apu sudden wood can be used to treat waste in the water or as organic fertilizer for rice fields.

10. Bananas

Bananas contain potassium which is good for tilapia fish development and growth. But you need to pay attention when giving bananas as tilapia fish feed. 

This is because bananas can easily make mujair fish ponds cloudy and dirty. Therefore, it is best to give tilapia fish food with bananas only occasionally.

11. Sprouts

Sprouts can also be used as an alternative tilapia fish food that can be found in traditional markets. 

How to feed tilapia fish using these sprouts, you need to wash and boil the sprouts first so that the texture becomes softer and more tender.

12. Green Plants

Other green plants besides taro leaves can also be used as tilapia fish feed so they grow up quickly. For example, cassava leaves. Any type of green plant can be used as food for tilapia fish so they grow up quickly.

13. Vegetable Pellets

You can make artificial tilapia fish feed, such as vegetable pellets. Generally, these vegetable pellets are made from crushed green vegetables and mixed with protein and water.

This protein source can also adjust to your ability, it can be in the form of dried seafood or fish meal. Also give some vitamins to the vegetable pellets using semolina or fish oil. 

Print the pellets and cut them into the smallest pieces and then dry them. These homemade vegetable pellets can last up to six months in the refrigerator.

14. Earthworm Pellets

It has been mentioned before that earthworms are a good natural food for tilapia fish growth and development. 

However, earthworms can also be made into pellets by simply mixing them with flour, bran, starch, and chicken eggs so that the pellets contain complete nutrients and nutrients.

15. Snail Pellets

The last artificial tilapia fish food alternative is snails. Mix the snails with other bran mixtures such as tofu dregs, soy flour and ground corn.

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How to Feed Mujair Fish Correctly

Meanwhile, to feed your tilapia fish, you need to be even more careful so that you don't feed your tilapia too often or don't give it in large quantities and make your tilapia fish abnormally large. 

Ideally, you can feed three times a day, namely in the morning, afternoon and evening. Avoid feeding at night because tilapia prefers to rest at the bottom of the pond.

As for the feed or pellet dosage itself, it is approximately one to two kilograms of pellets for the number of fish seeds ranging from 400 to 500 tilapia fish seeds. When the seeds start to grow big, you can add them again in kilograms.

There is one other thing that needs to be considered, namely the provision of water hyacinth plants as additional food for tilapia fish. Water hyacinth can also function as an increase in the temperature of pond water to make it cooler for tilapia fish.

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Tips for Choosing Mujair Fish Food & the Right Composition

The standard composition for tilapia feeding is 30 percent fat, 15 percent carbohydrates, and 28 percent protein. Because the role of tilapia food is quite crucial for the growth and development of tilapia fish, you must be more careful in choosing tilapia fish feed.

Tips for choosing tilapia fish food, including:

  • Pay attention to the content of tilapia fish feed ingredients, whether they are in accordance with the nutritional composition needed.
  • Mix all the ingredients that have been prepared according to the nutritional and nutritional needs of tilapia fish.
  • Consider the size of tilapia fish. Tilapia fish seeds or small fish require more feed containing carbohydrates to grow faster. 

Meanwhile, large tilapia fish require higher levels of fat and protein than carbohydrates.

  • Consider the types of tilapia fish that you cultivate, because each type of tilapia fish has different tastes.
  • Ensuring that tilapia fish feed is clean. Even though you use moss as tilapia fish feed, it should be cleaned first so that mold and other bad bacteria don't stick to it.

Tricks for Feeding Mujair Fish on Time According to the Measure

pemberian makanan ikan mujair

In order for tilapia fish to grow and develop normally with large weights, Friends of Cultivators need to plan regular feeding at the right time. It is recommended to give tilapia fish food three times a day.

However, the time must also be routine, namely in the morning, afternoon and evening. Don't let Cultivator Friends forget to feed tilapia fish during the day and change the tilapia fish feeding schedule in the afternoon and at night.

Cultivator friends, feeding tilapia fish at night is not recommended because tilapia fish are at the bottom of the pond.

To avoid this, Cultivator Friends can use eFeeders as an automatic fish feeder. 

The advantage of this product is that you can set the dosage of feeding for one time of feeding and the time of feeding.

Automatically at the scheduled time, eFeeders will provide tilapia fish food evenly throughout the tilapia fish pond.

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