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Hello Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Do you know what types of food are suitable for white snapper food? White snapper is a fish that requires food with a high protein content. The high protein content in the feed will maximize growth so that it can accelerate the fish farming cycle.

However, not all protein foods are suitable for white snapper food. So, what type of high protein food is suitable for white snapper? Read more in this article, come on!

Types of White Snapper Food

Not much, there are only 2 types of main food and 1 additional food suitable for white snapper food. These types of food include:

1. Trash Fish

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Source: Padaharja Village

Trash fish or trash fish is fish caught or left over from processing that is unfit for human consumption due to improper handling. Trash fish is very suitable to be used as the main feed for barramundi because it contains a lot of protein which can make snapper grow faster.

The price of trash fish is quite affordable, suitable for novice cultivators who don't have much capital. To make it easier for the white snapper to consume trash fish, you can chop the trash fish as finely as possible before serving it. Make sure there are no spines on the trash fish so the sea bass can properly digest it.

2. White Snapper Pellets

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Source: Poultry Indonesia

Even though trash fish is the main food for barramundi, you still have to provide other feed options. This is because trash fish is a fish that is hard to find at certain times, so you still need other feed options such as pellets to replace it.

The advantage of pellets is that they are easy to obtain in large quantities in a sustainable manner. Pellets are also easy to store and do not require large areas of land to store them, unlike trash fish.

What is no less important is that the size of the pellets can be adjusted to the size of the white snapper's mouth so that the fish will have no difficulty swallowing them. However, barramundi that eat pellets will lose out in growth to barramundi that eat trash fish.

The nutritional content in pellets cannot beat the nutritional content in trash fish. However, if you choose quality pellets that are specially formulated with high protein, the pellets will still be able to increase fish weight and increase fish survival.

3. Minced Seafood

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Source: Adobe Stock

Various types of seafood such as chopped milkfish, mullet, cere, tilapia, shrimp, and squid can be used as additional food for barramundi. However, the provision of this additional food is only done occasionally, in contrast to the 2 main types of food above which are given every day.

These types of seafood are suitable as feed for barramundi because they contain high protein. Just like giving trash fish, you are also required to chop it first so that the feed is easy for the fish to digest.

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Tips for Feeding White Snapper Fish

You can combine the types of feed that have been mentioned above. The dose of feed for barramundi weighing less than 100 grams ranges from 5–10% of fish body weight. Meanwhile, for barramundi weighing more than 100 grams, the feed you can give is in the range of 3–5% of fish weight.

In the early stages of maintenance, the frequency of feeding is at least 4-5 times a day or until the fish are full. The frequency of feeding can be reduced as the fish grows. 

White snapper feeding must also be considered based on age. Giving is enough at a certain point and little by little. As the fish gets older, the frequency of feeding will also be less. Adult white snapper usually only eats 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

In addition to providing quality and regular feed, you can also provide probiotics, vitamins and multivitamins to help the white snapper grow. Probiotics are additional feed in the form of live microbial cells that benefit fish by balancing their intestinal microbial flora. You can mix 2 grams of probiotics per 1 kg of feed with a frequency of 2 times a week.

The addition of vitamin C and multivitamins to barramundi feed is also very beneficial. Vitamin C and multivitamins can increase the body's resistance to fish, accelerate growth, and increase its survival rate. Provision of Vitamin C and multivitamins can be mixed into the feed.

For every 1 kg of feed, you can provide as much as 2 grams of Vitamin C and multivitamins. For fish whose weight is still under 50 grams, Vitamin C and multivitamins are given every day. Meanwhile, for fish that are more than 50 grams in size, Vitamin C and multivitamins are sufficient to be given 2 times a week.

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