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Introducing you, Kabayan!

Kabayan (Kasih, Pay Later) is a financial service from eFishery, made specifically for freshwater fish farmers in Indonesia. Kabayan's services are part of eFisheryFund, a program from eFishery that opens access for farmers to a variety of financial services that can support fish farming businesses. 

For cultivators, access to loans or financial assistance is something that is very difficult to obtain. Instability in business conditions, uncertain crop yields, and business status make cultivators forced to borrow money from middlemen or credit from other parties, with high interest rates and short tenors. This condition limits the movement of cultivators and makes them trapped in financially disadvantageous conditions. In fact, with the support of capital for cultivation, cultivators can develop their cultivation business optimally.  

Hearing the complaints of cultivators, eFishery also created Kabayan, a service that helps cultivators get cultivation support facilities with a flexible tenor system of up to 6 months and low interest. Through Kabayan, cultivators can get eFisheryFeeder, feed, medicines and vitamins, and other supplies and pay after the crops are sold.


With Kabayan, cultivators can manage cashflow better and optimally, utilizing existing funds to increase business scale or for other needs. Your business is developing positively without having to think about debts that must be paid.


Applying for Kabayan is much easier than borrowing from a bank. Visit the nearest eFisheryPoint or eFishery Feed Partner, complete the requirements and your personal data, then stay tuned for further information! 

Currently, there are 2 types of Kabayan programs from eFishery, namely Kabayan Regular and Kabayan Kilat. For information about the Kabayan program from eFishery, don't hesitate to visit the nearest eFisheryPoint or contact our Point Coordinator. You can also visit our official website at eFishery.com!


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