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Parrot fish is a type of fish that is easy to find from several other types of fish. This one freshwater fish is also a favorite because it tastes very good, and also the price of tilapia is cheap. No wonder many people want to buy red and black tilapia, especially fresh ones. 

For business people, of course they will look for places to sell tilapia that have good quality but at low prices. Then how to find a cheap price for tilapia per kg? Before that, let's find out the characteristics of quality tilapia!

Tips for Choosing Fresh and Good Tilapia

In order to find fresh and good tilapia, you need to know several ways to choose tilapia which has characteristics that can be said to be really good and suitable for consumption. Check out the following tips so that you don't choose the wrong one:

1. Bright Colored

Choose tilapia with bright colors, besides that, also pay attention to tilapia eyes, whether they look bright and clear. Because this indicates that the tilapia is very fresh. In addition, tilapia with good gills will also have bright colors.

2. Texture of Tilapia Fish

Usually a good fish will have a little mucus on the skin. The eyes will look prominent and also springy when held.

3. Unobtrusive Smell

Good quality tilapia will not have an odor that interferes with smell. The smell that good fish gives off is fresh and light. Because fish that isn't fresh will have a pungent fishy smell, it happens because it's been too long and it's starting to rot.

Daftar Harga Ikan Nila Per Kilogram (Update Agustus 2023)

After knowing how to choose fresh and good tilapia, now is the time for you to know the price of 1 kg of tilapia. And usually per 1 kg contains 3-4 tails. The following is a list of tilapia prices per kg in West Java:

Jenis Ikan Wilayah Harga
Black Tilapia Tasikmalaya Rp. 24,000
Black Tilapia Nice Rp. 23,500
Black Tilapia Subang Rp. 19,000
Red Tilapia West Bandung Rp. 26,000
Black Tilapia Sukabumi Rp. 22,000

Places to Sell Red and Black Tilapia

No need to worry about finding the nearest tilapia seller in your city. Because with eFresh, finding the price per kg of tilapia from farmers is very easy and cheaper than the price of tilapia on the market.

Use eFresh now, and find the nearest place selling fresh Red & Black Tilapia directly from farmers in your city. Get a special price for your first transaction!

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