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Freshwater shrimp is a very popular animal for cultivation. High market demand makes shrimp prices tend to rise in the market. In addition, the potential for development is very large in Indonesia.

Types of Freshwater Shrimp for Cultivation

In Indonesia, there are several types of freshwater shrimp, including tiger prawns, vanname prawns and giant prawns. Let's discuss the various types of freshwater shrimp below!

1. Tiger Prawn (Penaeus Monodon)

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Source: Shopee.id
One of the prima donna of Indonesia's export commodities, it is known that it can grow up to 35 cm and weighs 260 grams. This shrimp, which is native to Indonesia, is also known as black tiger shrimp because it has a hard body shell, has a bluish green color, and has large stripes like a tiger's.

2. Vanname Shrimp (Littopenaeus Vannamei)

udang vaname air tawar
Source: Greeners.co
Shrimp, which is famous for its white legs and knuckled body, is very popular because it has a high economic value and is very popular in the market. Apart from being cultivated, vanname shrimp are also easy to find in tropical waters.

3. Prawns (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii)

udang galah
Source: Dunia1001.net
As the name implies, this shrimp has long claws that resemble poles. Giant prawns are larger than other freshwater prawns, have a hard shell, and have a conical head that curves upwards.  Long prawns can reach 30 cm. The color of giant prawns varies greatly, such as bluish green, brownish green, brownish yellow, and spots like tiger prawns but with a more rounded shape.

4. Rice Shrimp (Caridina Gracilirostris)

udang beras
Source: OLX.id
Rice prawns are 3-9 cm long, yellow-orange in color, and live in rivers near estuaries. Not only used for food, rice shrimp are also often used for aquarium decoration. Rice shrimp is one type of freshwater shrimp that has the potential to be cultivated because it has high economic value. 

5. Red Palm Shrimp (Palaemon Styliferus)

udang palemon merah
Source: pondterpal.net
Despite its name “red palm”, this shrimp is pale yellow and almost transparent when fresh. The red palm shrimp has a conical head shape and an upward curved snout. When mature, this shrimp can reach a size of 10 cm. Red palm shrimp is very popular to be processed into dried shrimp and is marketed at a very high price.

6. Lar Shrimp (Macrobrachium Lar)

udang lar
Source: Wikipedia
Fresh prawns are yellowish dark green in color. This shrimp has a body length of 12-18 cm and lives on the bottom of waters or rivers that flow into the sea and have a high salt content, for example the south coast of Java, the west coast of Sumatra and the islands of Eastern Indonesia.  After knowing the characteristics of each shrimp, it's time for you to choose shrimp for cultivation!

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