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You are certainly familiar with goldfish, but what about the types of goldfish? Both ornamental goldfish and consumption carp, this one fish is one of the prima donna fish in Indonesia.

Goldfish is a fish native to the continent of Asia which has been known by the Chinese since 400 AD. In Indonesia, goldfish have been widely cultivated by local farmers. This freshwater fish is usually cultivated in ponds, ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

Are you curious what types of goldfish are often cultivated in Indonesia and generate high profits? Check out this article to find out the answer!

Goldfish Business Potential

The various types of goldfish make this native Asian fish have a wide target market. Indonesian people never seem to get tired of the existence of this one fish. From the past until now, the popularity of ornamental goldfish and consumption has never decreased.

This popularity or market demand can be your concern to start cultivating goldfish. Even so, you still have to be observant in choosing the type of goldfish that is more profitable and liked by the community.

Apart from being well-liked by the community, the method of cultivating carp is also easier than other freshwater fish. This convenience is not without reason, This goldfish can be spawned naturally without special methods or human assistance. Fish that have a high adaptability can also live in various types of ponds such as cages, earthen ponds, cement ponds, etc. Even for matters of feed, goldfish will not be too troublesome for you. Goldfish can consume both natural and artificial feed.

1. Najawa Red Goldfish

ikan mas merah najawa
Source: Agrozine

The Najawa red carp has red scales according to its name. The red carp is a goldfish that moves very actively and likes to stir up the bottom of the pond. The red goldfish has a long body, a low back and protruding eyes.

This fish comes from Cangkringan District, Yogyakarta. Najawa red carp is the result of the development of the Marine and Fisheries Technology Development Center in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Najawa red goldfish can grow up to 4 kg and reach a length of 50 cm. Because of its high quality, the Najawa goldfish has received government legality as a national superior variety fish.

2. Goldfish Punten

ikan mas punten
Source: Story Swap

As the name implies, the Punten carp was first cultivated in Punten Village, Malang, East Java in 1933. With its body which is more puffy than other types of goldfish, this fish moves very slowly.

The puffer goldfish has a wide back and black and yellow scales and protruding eyes. Even though it looks short, the puffer goldfish has 10 percent more meat than other types of goldfish. The puffer goldfish is very suitable for cultivation because it has a docile nature.

3. Majalaya Goldfish

ikan mas malajaya
Source: Sisinbe Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Majalaya goldfish is a fish that is known for its resistance to bacteria. As the name implies, this fish comes from Majalaya District, Bandung Regency.

Majalaya goldfish have a sharp body shape and a flat muzzle. Majalaya goldfish scales are grayish green. Majalaya goldfish are well-known among cultivators because of their faster growth than other goldfish.

In addition, this type of goldfish also has tasty and highly nutritious meat. When laying eggs, the Majalaya goldfish can produce 84,000-110,000 eggs.

4. Local Goldfish

ikan mas lokal
Source: Rich Land

Local goldfish are fish resulting from marriages of several types of goldfish. Therefore, this fish has a color that is a combination of other types of goldfish.

Local carp is the most common type of carp found in Indonesia because many farmers in Indonesia cultivate this type of fish. This is because the price of seeds and cultivation costs are relatively cheaper. Generally, local carp have a body that tends to be long and eyes that are not slanted.

5. Sinyonya Goldfish

ikan mas sinyonya
Source: Sisinbe Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

This type of goldfish is named Sinyonya because this fish is easy to lay eggs. Sinyonya goldfish have an elongated body shape and a low back. Uniquely, when this fish is young it has protruding eyes but when it is old the eyes will shrink.

Sinyonya goldfish scales are yellow. With its large body, this fish moves slowly and prefers to stay still on the surface of the pond. The good thing is, this fish has a strong body resistance against parasites, especially the Myxosporea parasite.

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