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Mujair fish is a freshwater fish that has a high demand. In addition, the price of tilapia per kg is quite high in the market. This is because mujair fish has a savory and delicious taste. 

Mujair fish is a freshwater fish that is widely consumed in Indonesia. Mujair fish that are good for consumption are fish that are still fresh. Tilapia fish consumers come from all walks of life, from housewives to small and large restaurants. 

To choose fresh tilapia fish, you need to know its characteristics. Come on, get to know the characteristics of high-quality tilapia fish and the highest 1 kg tilapia fish price.updates here!

Characteristics of Quality Mujair Fish

Mujair fish is one of the fish that is popular with Indonesian people. The weight of tilapia fish can reach 620 grams, but what is commonly consumed by the public is tilapia fish with a size of 200-450 grams per head.

Tilapia fish contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the human body. You are not advised to buy tilapia fish whose quality has decreased, because fish that is not fresh can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria in fish that are not fresh will cause disease if consumed by humans. Come on, look at the characteristics of high-quality tilapia fish, as follows:

1. Gill Color

High-quality tilapia fish have fresh and clean red gills. The redder the color of the tilapia gills, the better the quality.

Conversely, if the gills of tilapia are brown or gray and look dry, then the fish is not fresh and unfit for consumption. Therefore, if you want to buy fish, you need to first check the fish gills.

2. Eye Clarity

In addition to the gills, you need to pay attention to the condition of the tilapia fish's eyes. Fresh fish eyes will look bright, clear, raised, and supple. However, if it is no longer fresh, the eyes of the fish will tend to be cloudy, reddish, sunken and wrinkled.

3. Strong Sticky Scales

The characteristic of a quality tilapia fish is that its scales are firmly attached to its body. Fish whose scales are difficult to remove indicates that the fish is in the fresh category. 

Whereas fish that is not fresh, its scales are easily separated from the body. In addition, the color of fish scales whose quality has decreased is no longer shiny.

4. Condition of Meat

Fresh tilapia fish has clear, bright white flesh. The texture of the meat is soft and elastic. 

You can check the condition of the meat easily. The trick is to press the stomach, if the shape returns to normal, it means the fish is fresh.

On the other hand, if it is pressed but does not return to its original shape, then the fish is not fresh and not suitable for consumption. Another characteristic is that the meat looks dull with a soft and mushy texture.

5. Doesn't smell fishy

Fresh tilapia has an aroma that does not disturb the sense of smell. However, if the condition of the quality of the fish has decreased, the smell will sting, fishy, and disturb the sense of smell. 

6. Does not contain formalin

The characteristics of high quality tilapia fish are that they do not contain formaldehyde. Formalin is a material used to preserve perishable objects. However, formalin should not be used for food products.

Tilapia fish that contain formalin, the condition of the eyes will be cloudy and slimy. In addition, the gills are whitish and the texture of the skin will feel hard.

Fish that is not fresh will smell bad, but fish that is formalin will smell sour. The color of the meat also tends to be pale and the stomach contents are incomplete.

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Types of Tilapia Fish

There are many types of mujair fish in Indonesia. The following are the types of tilapia fish that are often cultivated and consumed:

1. Mujair Nifi fish

Mujair nifi fish (National Inland Fish Institute) or mujair nara fish produced from crosses of foreign female tilapia fish with local male tilapia fish. 

Mujair nifi fish is the most popular fish in Indonesia because it contains vitamins in its body. However, this fish has a high price in the market.

The characteristic of tilapia nifi fish is that it has a large size with a slightly reddish, yellowish and whitish body. The uniqueness of the tilapia nifi fish is that when this fish is hatched, it produces more male sex seeds.

2. Mujair Anjani Fish

Mujair anjani fish is a fish cultivated by BPBIAT (Freshwater Fish Seed Development Center). This fish is widely cultivated in eastern Indonesia, one example is NTB (West Nusa Tenggara).

The advantage of this fish is that it has fast growth and is resistant to bacteria. In addition, this fish has a soft meat texture so the price is higher.

3. Fish Mujair Gift

tilapia gift (Genetic Improvement of Farmed Tilapia) is the result of crossing 8 varieties of tilapia fish from 8 countries.

The advantage of this tilapia fish is that it has a strong immune system so it is resistant to disease attacks. In addition, this fish has a fast growth time, you can harvest tilapia gift when it is 5-6 months old.

4. Nimble Mujair Fish

Tilapia nimble fish is the result of genetic engineering from the third generation tilapia gift. This fish has a very high mating success, reaching 98%. In addition, within 6 months, this fish can grow up to 0.6 kg.

5. Fish Mujair Salina

Mujair salina fish is a superior engineered product from Indonesia. This fish was developed through genetic engineering carried out by BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) in 2013. 

The advantage of this fish is that it is resistant to climate change and extreme weather. In addition, this fish is able to live in waters with high salinity, which is 25 ppt.

6. Fish Mujair Get

Mujair get fish is a type of tilapia fish that came from the Philippines in 2000. This fish is quite a favorite choice for cultivation because it is easy to breed and has a fast harvest period.

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Mujair Fish Price List per 1 Kg

Do you know how many tilapia fish are in 1 kg? In 1 kilo of fish consists of 3-4 tilapia fish, with the weight of each tail is 200-450 grams and about 12-15 cm long.

Even though the shape and amount are the same, the price for 1 kg of tilapia varies in each region. This is because of the difference in feed prices, transportation costs, and operational costs in the cultivation process which are different in various regions.

To find out the price of tilapia fish per kilo, you can see the list below:

Mujair Fish LiveacehIDR 35,000
Mujair Fish LiveNorth SumatraIDR 35,000
Mujair Fish LiveRiauIDR 27,000
Mujair Fish LiveWest SumatraIDR 40,000
Mujair Fish LiveSouth SumatraIDR 29,000
Mujair Fish LiveLampungIDR 45,000
Mujair Fish LiveWest JavaIDR 28,000
Mujair Fish LiveCentral JavaIDR 25,000-IDR 30,000
Mujair Fish LiveEast JavaIDR 26,000-IDR 27,000
Mujair Fish LiveBaliIDR 32,000
Mujair Fish LiveNorth SulawesiIDR 35,000
Mujair Fish LiveSouth SulawesiIDR 35,000

*The price could changes every time.

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