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Goldfish is a fish that has high economic value. The price of goldfish in Indonesia is also very competitive. This fish, which is believed to have originated from China, has spread widely in Indonesia.

Goldfish consumers in Indonesia come from all walks of life, from housewives to small and medium restaurants. However, goldfish circulating in the market do not necessarily have high quality and competitive prices.

Come on, see this article to find out the characteristics of quality goldfish and the prices of goldfish on the market!

Characteristics of High Quality Goldfish

High-quality goldfish are goldfish that look fresh from any angle. If it has high quality, goldfish contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the human body. You are not advised to buy goldfish that don't look fresh because these fish can be breeding grounds for various kinds of bacteria.

If it enters the human body, these bacteria will become poisons which will later cause disease. Come on, find out the following characteristics of high-quality fresh goldfish!

1. Gill Color

A high-quality goldfish will have gills that are fresh red, clean and wet. The redder the color of the goldfish's gills, the higher the quality.

Conversely, if the gills of a goldfish are brown or gray and look dry, the fish is not fresh or not fit for consumption. To check the color of the fish's gills, you can lift the gill cover which is located on the side of the fish's head.

2. Aroma

Not only can it be seen, fish that is not fresh can be known from its aroma. High-quality fish has a distinctive smell that is fresh, light and does not disturb the sense of smell.

However, if the fish is not of high quality, it will smell strong, fishy, annoying, and taste like carrion. To ensure the freshness of the fish, you can store it in freezer.

3. Does not contain formalin

Formalin is a chemical that is useful for preserving perishable objects. However, formalin should not be used directly in food products. If you consume food containing formalin, you will experience stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

Fish containing formalin will have eyeballs with sunken pupils, cloudy and slimy. The gills are whitish and the texture of the skin will be hard.

If fish that is not fresh will smell rancid, formalin fish will smell sour. The color of the meat also tends to be pale and the stomach contents are incomplete.

4. Eye Conditions

The condition of the goldfish's eyes is very easy to see even if you don't pay close attention. Good quality fresh fish eyes will look bright, clear, raised, and supple. If it is not fresh anymore, the goldfish's eyes will tend to be wrinkled, cloudy, sunken, and reddish.

5. Condition of Fish Meat

High quality fresh carp has a soft, supple and firm flesh texture. The way to check the freshness of the fish is to press the belly with the index finger. If the shape returns to normal, it means the fish is still fresh.

However, if after pressing it doesn't return to its original shape, the fish is no longer fresh and unfit for consumption. Fish that is not fresh also looks dull with a soft and mushy texture.

Fresh Goldfish Prices

Even though the shape and amount are the same, the price of goldfish varies in different regions. This is due to the difference in feed prices, transportation costs, and operational costs in the cultivation process which are different in various regions. To get fresh carp in large quantities, you can buy it directly at the cultivators, fish collectors, or at eFresh from eFishery.

eFresh is platforms which is made to facilitate the purchase of fresh fish in large quantities directly from newly harvested cultivators. Goldfish quality in eFresh Guaranteed freshness and quality. Come on, take a peek at the price of goldfish per kg here eFresh!

Fresh Goldfish Price Per Kilogram on eFresh

Live GoldfishacehIDR 25,000
Live GoldfishNorth SumatraIDR 25,000-IDR 28,000
Live GoldfishRiauIDR 25,000
Live GoldfishWest SumatraIDR 22,000-IDR 30,000
Live GoldfishSouth SumatraIDR 28,000
Live GoldfishLampungIDR 21,000-IDR 23,000
Live GoldfishWest JavaIDR 19,000-IDR 27,000
Live GoldfishCentral JavaIDR 26,000-IDR 50,000
Live GoldfishEast JavaIDR 15,000-IDR 25,000
Live GoldfishBaliIDR 30,000
Live GoldfishNorth SulawesiIDR 35,000
Live GoldfishSouth SulawesiIDR 16,000
Live GoldfishWest KalimantanIDR 23,000-IDR 28,000
Live GoldfishCentral KalimantanIDR 25,000-IDR 26,000
Live GoldfishSouth KalimantanIDR 25,000-IDR 27,000

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