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Just like other fish, the price of milkfish per kilo on the market is always going up and down. Moreover, if you want to buy milkfish in an area far from ponds or milkfish ponds. Even though you live in an area far from a pond or milkfish pond, you don't need to worry anymore because in this modern era, buying fish can be done online. on line.

One of them through eFresh from eFishery. To find out the latest price of milkfish per kg at eFresh, let's read this article until it's finished!

Characteristics of Quality Milkfish

Not all milkfish on the market are of good quality. Sometimes, the seller still sells milkfish that have not been selling well from the previous days, so there are also fish whose quality is no longer good. To know fresh and high-quality milkfish, see the full explanation below!


If the milkfish that you meet at the market has a pungent fishy smell and tends to rot, you should not buy the milkfish. This smell indicates that the milkfish meat is no longer fresh and there is decay occurring in the meat.

Fresh milkfish will have a fishy or muddy smell that doesn't sting. The smell is still normal because it comes from the cultivation environment.

Condition of Milkfish Scales

Fresh milkfish can be seen from the completeness and condition of its scales. One of the properties of milkfish scales is that they are not easily peeled off from the skin. If there are only 1 or 2 dislodged scales, this is still normal for this to happen.

However, if a large number of scales are removed, it is a sign that the milkfish is no longer fresh because it has been hit hard. This collision can cause the milkfish meat to bruise and rot easily.

You can choose milkfish whose scales are intact, have a firm texture, adhere perfectly, and do not come off easily. Fresh milkfish will have smooth and shiny silvery scales attached all over its body.

Eye Conditions

The freshness of milkfish can be seen from the condition of its eyes. If the eyes of the milkfish are cloudy, it is a sign that the milkfish is no longer fresh. However, if the eyes protrude, are solid black in color, and the whites are still clean, the fish is fresh.

Gill Color

The color of fresh milkfish gills is dark brick red. However, many irresponsible traders usually fake the red color of milkfish gills.

To distinguish between real and fake red, you can touch it yourself. If the color is difficult to remove from your hands, it could be an artificial red tint.

Meat Texture

The level of elasticity of milkfish meat also determines the quality and freshness of the fish. If the milkfish is pressed and can return to its original shape quickly, it means the milkfish is still fresh. However, if the milkfish is squeezed and returns to its original shape for quite a long time, it means that the milkfish is no longer fresh.

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Types of Milkfish

Like other fish, milkfish has several types that are adapted to their habitat. In Indonesia, there are 3 well-known types of milkfish, namely freshwater milkfish, seawater milkfish and brackish water milkfish. Check out the explanation regarding the types of milkfish below!

1. Freshwater Milkfish

ikan bandeng air tawar
Source: My Farm

Usually, fresh water milkfish has a smaller size and a longer cultivation period than other milkfish because fresh water is not its natural habitat. In contrast to seawater milkfish which has a characteristic fishy smell, fresh water milkfish has an earthy or mud smell, depending on the cultivation medium. One of the advantages of fresh water milkfish is that its spines are not as sharp as seawater milkfish.

This is because the pond where the cultivation is held has a calmer current than the ocean currents. Another advantage of fresh water milkfish is the soft texture of the meat, so fans of this milkfish are no less than saltwater and brackish water milkfish.

2. Seawater Milkfish

ikan bandeng air laut
Source: Our Jungle

Seawater milkfish are larger than other types of milkfish because these fish live in their natural habitat. Many people like seawater milkfish because it tastes more savory and delicious.

This fish does not need a lot of salt when processed. However, the fishy smell makes this fish must be washed thoroughly so that the fishy smell disappears. 

3. Brackish Water Milkfish

Brackish water milkfish has a longer body than seawater milkfish and fresh water milkfish. Brackish water milkfish has a small, pointed mouth on a head that is flat and without scales. The brackish water milkfish has 3 pairs of fins each on the chest, abdomen and anal that extends to the middle of the tail. 

The cultivation cycle of brackish water milkfish is not as long as freshwater milkfish. Therefore, this type of milkfish is more widely cultivated and often found in markets.

Price List of Milkfish per 1 Kg

In various regions, the price of milkfish per 1 kg varies. Apart from the diversity of species, differences in milkfish can be due to differences in feed prices, transportation costs, and operational costs. To get fresh milkfish in large quantities, you can buy it directly at eFresh from eFishery.

eFresh is platforms which is made to facilitate the purchase of fresh fish in large quantities directly from newly harvested cultivators. Milkfish in eFresh Guaranteed freshness and quality.

Apart from that, you can also get the latest milkfish prices at eFresh which is updated every week. Come on, take a peek at the price of milkfish per kilo here eFresh!

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Live Milkfish Price per Kilogram on eFresh

Live MilkfishWest JavaIDR 19,000-IDR 21,000
Live MilkfishCentral JavaIDR 22,000
Live MilkfishEast JavaIDR 8,500-IDR 18,000
Live MilkfishWest KalimantanIDR 16,000-IDR 25,000
Live MilkfishGorontaloIDR 21,000
Live MilkfishSouth SulawesiIDR 18,000
Live MilkfishNorth SulawesiIDR 22,000

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