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Anco Shrimp is a tool that assists farmers in monitoring the appetite of cultivated shrimp. This tool serves to monitor the efficiency of the use of feed given.

Efficient feed is certainly very good for the growth and development of shrimp. Observation of shrimp feed consumption levels with shrimp nets can help farmers determine whether feed should be added or reduced.

To find out what anco is and its various benefits in monitoring shrimp health, you can read this article all the way down, okay!

What is Anco Shrimp?

illustrasi anco udang
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Anco prawns or tray is a tool used by farmers to find out whether shrimp are eating the feed given or not. It can be said that anco can be used to detect shrimp appetite, so that farmers can determine the amount of feed given.

The shape of anco is very diverse, some are square or circular. Usually, the length or diameter of the anco is 80-100 cm. The distance between anco must be proportional to represent the shrimp population. Anco is usually placed 2-3 meters from the shrimp pond.

How to make shrimp anco is very easy. You only need to provide iron, rope and nets. Make a frame according to what you want, then attach the net to the frame. Then, attach the rope that serves to lift and lower the shrimp anco.

Use Anco Shrimp in Ponds

The function of anco in shrimp ponds is to monitor the efficiency level of feed usage. Of course, the use of anco is very effective because the feed you give is neither less nor more.

The best time to monitor feed efficiency using anco is 2-3 hours after feeding. This monitoring is carried out on a daily basis.

In addition to monitoring feed efficiency, anco can also be used to monitor shrimp health. With checking, you can monitor whether the shrimp you are cultivating are diseased or not.

To find out how much feed is given with anco, you can check the table below:

tabel manajemen pakan dengan anco
Source: eFishery

Number of Anco in 1 Pond

The number of anco used in the pond is adjusted to the needs. Usually the Farmers use 4 anco placed in 4 parts of the pond. The following is the recommended number of anco based on the area of the pond:

tabel jumlah anco berdasarkan luas kolam
Source: eFishery

How to Install Anco in Pond Ponds

With anco, you can provide optimal feed and monitor shrimp health every day.

How to install anco in ponds is very easy. Here's how to install it:

  1. Sprinkle the feed on the vannamei shrimp anco.
  2. Enter the anco slowly on the pond.
  3. Wait a few moments for the feed given to be eaten by the shrimp.
  4. Lift the anco slowly and check the appetite of the prawns.

In this way, you can monitor the level of consumption of shrimp feed. The following is anco checking table that you should pay attention to in order to take the right action:

penentuan jumlah pakan berdasarkan sampling anco
Source: eFishery

From the table, if you see that the anco is empty with no leftover feed, it means that the feed given is not enough. That way, feed can be added as much as 5%.

Furthermore, if there is little leftover feed in the anco, then the amount of feed can then be maintained. If there is a lot of feed left in the anco, then the next feeding can be reduced by 10-40%.

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By getting to know anco shrimp, it is hoped that you will be able to better monitor your shrimp appetite in order to get the maximum harvest.

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Questions About Anco Shrimp

The function of anco in shrimp ponds is to monitor the efficiency level of feed use.

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