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frekuensi pemberian pakan udang yang tepat dengan efeeder

Management of the frequency of feeding shrimp is one of the efforts made to maintain optimal feed usage. The frequency of feeding that is not regulated properly has the risk of excess or shortage of feed. This will certainly have an impact on pond water quality and shrimp yields. Check out the explanation here! 

Do not Habit of Overfeeding! Understand Shrimp Eating Habits, Come on! 

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Feeding for aquaculture must be adjusted to the nature, amount, and frequency of feeding shrimp. Feed management is very necessary so that shrimp do not experience shortages and excess feed. 

This is due to lack of feed or underfeeding can lead to: 

  1. Shrimp growth is slow 
  2. Shrimp size is not uniform 
  3. Cannibalism 
  4. Shrimp growth failed

While the excess feed or overfeeding can lead to: 

  1. Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) is high 
  2. Decreased water quality which also causes stress shrimp 
  3. Decreased defense against disease so that shrimp are susceptible to disease
  4. Growth retardation
  5. High death rate 

Apart from paying attention to the amount of feed given, you must also pay attention to the frequency of feeding the shrimp to streamline feed management. The frequency of feeding given must be based on the nature and way of eating shrimp, ie continuous feeding or eat little but constantly. This eating nature arises because of the simple shrimp digestive system. 

Feed that is consumed normally will be processed within 3-4 hours and the rest will be excreted through the feces. To determine the frequency of giving and adding feed, you need to look at the biomass and age of the shrimp using anco control techniques. 

Anco control is carried out to find out whether the feed that has been given is eaten by shrimp or not. If in one day the shrimp don't eat enough or there is a lot of feed left in the anco, then the feed dose is reduced by 30-50% according to the health condition of the shrimp. 

A More Effective Way of Feeding Shrimp Using an eFeeder 

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In order to make shrimp feeding more effective and efficient, you can use an eFeeder. eFeeder is said to be effective because it can be adjusted according to the needs and appetite of shrimp. There are 3 methods of feeding with eFeeder, namely: 

1. Basic

The simplest method of feeding. You only need to enter the daily amount of feed and the duration of feeding. After that, the eFeeder will distribute the average amount of feed each day based on the schedule and frequency of feeding that day. For example, if the amount of feed you put in is 10 kg and you set a schedule for giving it 10 times in 5 hours, then the feed that comes out will automatically be divided according to the schedule, which is 2 kg in 1 hour.  

2. advanced 

A more flexible method of feeding in comparison Basic. The amount of feed can be adjusted so that it is different for each schedule. In addition, feeding can be paused so that feed is given in small increments. This method is the most widely used because it can be adapted to the needs and conditions of the shrimp. PT Growell Farm Indonesia in Pasawaran, South Lampung uses the method advanced 20 hours duration divided into 4 schedules, namely 06.00 am, 11.00 pm, 16.00 pm and 21.00 pm. As a result, water quality is more controlled, feed output is not wasted, ADG is at 0.20-0.30, shrimp growth is more optimal, and FCR, which was previously 1.7, has fallen to 1.4.

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3. continuous

Feeding method for 24 hours non-stop. eFeeder will issue the feed little by little with adjustable walking duration and pauses. Pak Ajat from Cikalong, Tasikmalaya uses the method continuous with better water quality results, more efficient use of feed, and more optimal shrimp growth. After using the eFeeder, Pak Ajat's pond has an ADG of 0.6-0.7 and an FCR of 1.2-1.3. In addition, there is a size difference of up to 12-16 when compared to cultivation without the use of eFeeders. 

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Shrimp eFeeders work by throwing feed many times until the feed in the container/container runs out according to the feeding method. This method is in accordance with the way of eating shrimp, namely eating little by little but continuously. The feed that is stocked is eaten directly by the shrimp, thereby minimizing the uneaten feed left. As a result, feed usage is more efficient and shrimp growth is faster.

Set the Frequency of Feeding Shrimp Appropriately Using eFeeder

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Questions Regarding the Frequency of Proper Feeding of Shrimp with eFeeders

The nature of shrimp in search of food is diurnal (during the day) and nocturnal (night) with habits continuous feeding or eat little by little but constantly.

There are 3 methods of feeding using eFeeder, viz Basic, advanced, And continuous

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