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The spread of the vicious Covid-19 virus has changed many aspects of Indonesian people's lives. People are forced to change their lifestyles, adapting to the restrictions made to protect their lives. 

This case is no exception for fish and shrimp cultivators in Indonesia. With the difficulty of mobility and access to markets, cultivation activities are hampered. Indonesian farmers not only have difficulty transacting feed, but also cannot find the right market to sell their crops. As a result, their commodities are not raised and are allowed to grow beyond the size of market demand and become increasingly difficult to sell.

eFishery has always strived to provide support for Sahabat Farmers since it was founded in 2013, starting with eFisheryFeeder which facilitates the spread of feed for cultivators, eFisheryFund which helps cultivators obtain credit scoring and financing schemes, up to Kabayan which provides cultivation facilities such as feed and other inputs.

However, this pandemic brings new issues to our eyes. How can Friends of Cultivators continue to receive facilities and services from eFishery even though we cannot meet them face to face? That is the reason behind the creation of eFisheryKu, our effort to be a solution during a pandemic. 

eFisheryKu is a membership application created to help you run a cultivation business. This application acts like a fish cooperative or digital cultivator cooperative, providing complete facilities and services from eFishery for optimal convenience and ease of farming in the palm of your hand. eFisheryKu is a safe and comfortable way during a pandemic for fish cultivators to transact feed and become Kabayan members.

My eFishery Facility

Through eFisheryKu, all aquaculture transactions and trade can be done online easily and reliably. The following is a review of the facilities that can be enjoyed through eFisheryKu:

Financial and Capital Facilities

eFisheryKu opens access to Kabayan's financial services (Kasih, Pay Later) which provides saprokan facilities (fishery production facilities) with a payment system of up to 6 months. Farmers can apply through eFisheryKu digitally without having to go back and forth to eFisheryPoint!

eFishery Feed Partners

For those of you who have difficulty getting feed that fits your needs during this pandemic, eFisheryKu provides a purchasing service. You can buy feed online. on line safely and reliably. You can choose a variety of feed options according to your needs with competitive product prices!

Cultivation Information and Recommendations

The eFisheryKu application offers information and recommendations about fish farming and aquaculture that you can use to improve the quality and quantity of your cultivation. This facility is presented in the form of informative articles and videos, in-updates periodically! 

Attractive Offers and Promotions

Every month eFishery holds limited promos in the form of discounts, discounts, or other offers that can provide more benefits for your cultivation. Get limited promos for various eFishery services if you transact via the eFisheryKu application! 

eFisheryKu is a digital cooperative made specifically for farmers, so it's easy to use and compatible with digital habits cultivator. This application is made so that it can be obtained and used for free without additional costs (except for purchasing feed). Other services, such as fish auction stalls and cultivation recording facilities will also be coming to you soon. 

To register, cultivators only need to enter their cellphone number to create an application account. After filling in your personal data and entering the OTP code sent via SMS, the application can be used!

The application can be found on the Play Store by searching for the word "eFisheryKu" or by clicking here

If you have questions or suggestions about eFisheryKu, please contact us via the eFishery.com website or our WhatsApp Official Account at +62 811-2220-0697.

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