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Hello Mr / Ms Farmers and Cultivators! You are certainly no stranger to the product eFeeders or eFishery Feeder. eFeeders is an automatic feeder which is one of eFishery's top products.

With eFeeders, Mr / Ms can control the feeding with just the grip of the hand through cellphone. eFeeders Available in two types, viz eFeeder for Fish And eFeeder for Shrimp. Both are made specifically to help farmers and farmers spread feed accurately, on time and effectively. 

To make it easier and optimize the use eFeeders, eFishery presenting eFeeders 5. In its latest update, the tool which is also commonly called eFishery Smart Feeder it introduces 7 advantages that will further maximize feeding.

In this 5th series, controlbox The one on eFeeder will have the most significant update yet. control boxes is the control center that functions to regulate the course eFeeders, connecting eFeeders with applications, record feed data, and so on. With quality controlbox better, eFeeders 5 expected to be able to understand the needs of Mr. / Mrs. Farmers and Cultivators.

What are the Updates in eFeeder 5?

For a more complete explanation, here are the 7 updates that are in eFeeders 5, auto feederhis eFishery:

1. Up to 3x faster setup speed

Can arrange controlbox with a faster and instant process. eFeeders 5 can directly connect with an access point, which makes all machines eFeeders connected to the application that is in cellphone instantly.

2. 100% data feed is readable in the app

Feed data will be 100% ter-updates automatically on dashboards application eFeeders. So you no longer need to do it manually.

3. Setting from anywhere within the cultivation area

It can be arranged anywhere, as long as it is still in the pond or pond area, without having to be close to it control box, Because eFeeders 5 can connect to the intranet.

4. A Crash Notification Will Appear on the App

If there is damage in eFeeders 5, the notification will immediately appear in the application. DWith this, you can monitor the condition eFeeders 5 directly through the app eFeeders which exist in cellphone.

The type of damage that can be read by controlbox eFeeders 5 is the jam eFeeders, loss of power source, damaged components, run out of feed in the vats, and so on.

5. 2x More Durable

Components such as sockets, internal electricity, and so on will be 2x more durable and have less potential for damage. With this, you will greatly save on tool repair costs if damage occurs.

6. Improved usability controlbox

Settings can also be done manually via controlbox without having to go through the app. This is due to the screen on controlbox eFeeders 5.

7. Solar power + battery as energy source

It is undeniable that sometimes aquaculture pond areas are located in remote places and it is difficult to get access to electricity. eFeeders 5 which can operate with the help of solar energy and this battery can really operate without the help of electricity, you know. Besides being able to be used in remote areas, the cost of spending on electricity tokens is also reduced.

Maximize Cultivation with eFeeder 5

How are you sir/madam? Are you interested in using eFeeder 5? With the latest technology that maximizes cultivation, eFeeder 5 will make feed distribution and data recording more effective and optimal. The quality of your cultivation is our number one priority. Therefore, we will continue to provide innovation to maximize the quality of your cultivation.

Interested in Rent/Buy an eFeeder?

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