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Shrimp pond disinfectants are chemicals used in the disinfection process. Disinfectants function to inhibit or kill microorganisms on the surface of inanimate objects, including shrimp ponds. Lots of disinfectants with various brands on the market. Although both are used to eliminate microorganisms, the level of effectiveness of each of these disinfectants is not the same. 

So, what are the top brands of disinfectants recommended by cultivators? Come on, see more in this article!

Difference Between Sterilization and Disinfection

Before knowing the recommendations for disinfectant brands from cultivators, you must first know what the differences are between sterilization and disinfection. This is done because many people think that sterilization is the same as disinfection. However, both have quite striking differences.

Sterilization is an attempt to kill all microorganisms, including microorganisms that are still in the form of spores. Sterilization is usually done on inanimate objects, surfaces, liquids, and biological media.

While disinfection is the process of removing, preventing or reducing harmful microorganisms such as viruses, germs and bacteria from an inanimate object and its surface. If sterilization can eradicate microorganisms that are still in spore form, disinfection cannot. This is because the techniques and materials used in the disinfection process do not have a strong enough penetration power to kill the spores.

With different results, the procedures for sterilization and disinfection are also different. To find out the complete procedure for disinfection and its benefits for shrimp ponds, keep reading this article!

Benefits of Disinfection 

The emergence of bacteria, germs and fungi in ponds is unavoidable, especially if the pond is located in a place with open air. Bacteria, germs, and fungi can be carried by wind to ponds. To eliminate the appearance of these microorganisms, you can do disinfection.

The benefits of disinfection in ponds are to prevent, eliminate, and reduce the number of existing microorganisms. In shrimp farming, the disinfection stage can be carried out at the pond water preparation stage and during cultivation.

Disinfection is a shrimp defense against exposure to disease-causing pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, and parasitic protozoa. If the microorganisms in the pond are gone, then the possibility of the shrimp to get sick will be small.

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Procedures for Disinfection

Disinfection is considered to be very effective in eliminating microorganisms in ponds that are harmful to the health of the shrimp. However, disinfection can only be effective if done in the right way. Disinfection can be done by chemical methods using disinfectants. To find out how to disinfect using chemical methods with disinfectants, pay attention to the following procedures:

  1. Prepare a disinfectant with a dose that has been adjusted to the target/target microorganism.
  2. Place the dosing on the anco bridge in the pond.
  3. Make sure the use of disinfectants does not coincide with the hours of giving probiotics.
  4. Use an infusion tube with a minimum duration of 30 minutes. The trick is to insert the hose into the water so that no air enters the hose.

For adjustments to the dosage of the disinfectant used, you can consult directly with a shrimp farming expert, okay!

Disinfectant Product Recommendations

In addition to good and correct disinfection procedures, the type of disinfectant you use also affects the effectiveness of disinfection. Disinfectant efficiency depends on the type of chemical contained in it. Come on, have a look at some recommendations for good disinfectants for ponds!

Aquasept 3.0

elanco aquasept 3

Aquasept 3.0 is a well-known disinfectant for its effectiveness in killing bacteria, viruses, mold spores and mold in ponds. Aquasept 3.0 is usually used by farmers in the pond water preparation process. With its sodium dichloroisocyanurate, sodium bicarbonate, adipic acid and sodium sulfate content, Aquasept 3.0 will quickly kill disease-causing agents in ponds. As a superior disinfectant, Aquasept 3.0 has been proven to be able to:

  1. Reducing the number of bacteria in the pond water preparation process.
  2. Reducing organic matter and ferric acid (iron acid) in the water and pond bottom.
  3. Kills vibrios and pathogenic bacteria in the water and pond bottom.
  4. Has high effectiveness at the optimal pH of shrimp culture (pH 7.5-8.5).
  5. Maintaining the ratio of water balance so that water management can be done in a shorter time


disindektan aqualisan 22 kg


A disinfectant that is also recommended by aquaculture experts and has proven superiority is Aqualisan. Aqualisan consists of peracetic acid (PAA) which is a stabilized mixture of acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and water. Aqualisan is safe to use and more effective than other disinfectants because it is made from environmentally friendly materials. As a superior disinfectant, Aqualisan has been proven to be able to:

  1. Controls and kills viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.
  2. Oxidize and eliminate H₂S, NH3, NO₂, and algae toxins.
  3. Increase Dissolved Oxygen (DO).
  4. Friendly to the environment and harmless to shrimp because it decomposes perfectly in water without leaving harmful residues.
  5. Ensuring the safety of pond biosecurity.

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Questions Regarding Disinfecting Shrimp Ponds

Sterilization is an attempt to kill all microorganisms, including microorganisms that are still in the form of spores. Disinfection is a process to destroy pathogenic organisms, but cannot eliminate spore-forming organisms.

Disinfection is carried out by preparing a disinfectant dose that is in accordance with the target microorganism, then placing the disinfectant dose on the anco bridge and inserting the disinfectant into the pond.

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