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Feed is one of the main components in tilapia cultivation which consumes the most capital. So it's no wonder that many cultivators want to know the price of tilapia feed before buying it. Moreover, the unstable price of feed raw materials also greatly affects the price of feed in the market. As a result, the calculation of existing tilapia cultivation capital will also experience significant changes.

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Characteristics of Good Tilapia Feed

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Feed in tilapia cultivation is divided into 2 types, namely organic feed and inorganic feed. Organic feed is feed made from natural ingredients without chemical content in it. Examples of suitable organic feed for tilapia are coconut dregs, bran, kale, plankton, phytoplankton, leftover rice, and water fleas. 

Meanwhile, inorganic feed is factory-made feed whose nutrition has been adjusted by feed experts to support fish growth. An example of inorganic feed which is very popular in tilapia cultivation is pellets. 

Whatever the type of feed, in order for tilapia to grow healthily and quickly, tilapia feed must be of the best quality. So, what are the characteristics of good fish feed? Come on, see below!

1. Raw Materials

Feed that has the best quality is feed containing bran, corn flour, soy flour, fish meal, and fish oil. If put together, these five feed ingredients will contain a lot of nutrients that can accelerate the growth of tilapia.

The important thing to remember, the protein content in tilapia feed must be more than 30%, the higher the protein content, the higher the quality of the feed. Then, if you want to increase the nutritional content in tilapia feed, you can also mix fish-specific supplements into the feed. 

2. Feed Type

Organic feed and inorganic feed are the two types of feed that you can use in tilapia farming. Organic feed made from natural ingredients is considered less effective for intensive cultivation even though the price is cheaper than inorganic feed. Meanwhile, inorganic feed made in factories is considered more effective for the growth of tilapia because the nutrition has been regulated by a feed nutritionist. 

Inorganic tilapia feed itself consists of floating pellets and sinking pellets. However, the type of pellet that is considered better for tilapia is floating pellet because it is easily controlled. In addition, if not eaten, the floating pellets will be easy to spot because they will appear on the surface of the tilapia pond.

3. Feed Size

Apart from the two things mentioned above, the size of the feed is also very important for you to pay attention to. Good feed is feed that can enter the fish's mouth so that its size must match the size of the mouth opening. The bigger the fish, the bigger the feed.

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Tilapia Feed Recommendations and Prices

When viewed from the nutritional content and the level of effectiveness on the growth of tilapia, inorganic feed in the form of pellets is far superior to organic feed. Even though it is more expensive than the price of organic feed, not all pellets are priced high. Several pellet brands also have affordable prices for tilapia cultivators.

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Tilapia Pellet Prices per Sack in eFisheryKu's Buy Feed Feature

Pellet BrandKg per sackPrice
Hi-Pro-Vite 781-1 pellets30IDR 267,200
Hi-Pro-Vite 782 pellets30IDR 353,220
Comfeed pellets50IDR 546,132
Cargill Infiniti pellets30IDR 306,500-IDR 311,500
Eco Feed Pellets30IDR 195,200-IDR 207,200
Evergreen Pellets 10330IDR 317,500
Pellet MS Preo 89130IDR 223,500

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Questions Regarding Tilapia Feed Prices

The amount of feed needed for tilapia per day is 3% of the total weight of the fish.

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