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As one of the rare freshwater fish, the price of papuyu fish in the market rarely decreases. This is because most of the papuyu fish currently circulating are caught from nature, not cultivated.

As a result, the price of papuyu fish in the market is increasing. Moreover, if you want to buy papuyu in an area that doesn't produce a lot of papuyu fish.

However, with it eFresh from eFishery now you don't have to worry anymore about getting papuyu fish stock. Through eFresh, papuyu fish can be purchased online on line Where have you been. To find out the latest price of Papua fish per kg at eFresh, let's read this article until it's finished!

Characteristics of a Good Papuyu Fish

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Source: Fish Sounds

Papuyu fish has a very tasty taste and often makes people addicted to eating it. Apart from its delicious taste, The nutrients in papuyu fish can help improve brain intelligence, prevent bone loss, increase appetite, and prevent anemia.

As a result, the business of selling papuyu fish has the potential to generate maximum profit due to the large number of requests from various consumer circles. Plus, the papuyu fish being sold are running low because they are wild caught. 

With this, many people are targeting papuyu fish. However, not all papuyu fish on the market are of good quality. Sometimes, because of the high level of scarcity, sellers are still selling papuyu fish which have not been selling well from the previous days, so there are also fish whose quality is no longer good.

To find out which papuyu fish is fresh and of high quality, see the full explanation below!

1. Fish Meat Texture

If it's still fresh, papuyu fish will have a chewy meat texture. To find out the texture of papuyu fish meat, you can press the fish with your index finger. If the texture of the fish meat is soft and crumbles easily, you can be sure that the fish is not fresh and will rot in the near future.

2. Fish Body Condition

The most striking thing about the papuyu fish when you first see it is its scales. This could be the first thing you notice. To choose high-quality papuyu fish, make sure that none of the scales are detached from the fish's body. High-quality papuyu fish scales are dark black, brown or greenish in color. 

The fresh papuyu's body side will be yellowish in color, especially on the underside, with faint and irregular transverse dark stripes. A healthy and high-quality papuyu fish will also not have wounds all over its body.

3. Fish Eye Conditions

Fresh papuyu fish that have high quality can be seen from the condition of its eyes. If it is still fresh, the eyes of the papuyu fish will protrude, be clear and clearly visible. If the eye of the fish is wilted, blurry and cloudy, it means the fish is no longer fresh and of high quality.

4. Condition of Fish Gills

Fresh red, clean, and wet gills are the characteristics of fish gills that have high quality. The redder the color of the papuyu fish gills, the higher the quality. Conversely, if the gills of the papuyu fish are brown or gray and look dry, the fish is not fresh or unfit for consumption. To check the color of the fish's gills, you can lift the gill cover which is located on the side of the fish's head.

Papuyu Fish Price per Kg

harga ikan papuyu per kg
Source: Cuisine of Vietnam

Papuyu fish that are considered fit for consumption have a length of about 17-25 cm. In various regions, the price of papuyu fish of a size suitable for consumption per 1 kg may vary.

Apart from the diversity of species, differences in the price of papuyu fish can be due to differences in feed prices, transportation costs and operational costs. To get fresh papuyu fish in large quantities, you can buy it directly at eFresh from eFishery.

eFresh is a platform created to facilitate the purchase of fresh fish in large quantities directly from newly harvested cultivators. Papuyu fish in eFresh Guaranteed freshness and quality. Apart from that, you can also get the latest papuyu prices at eFresh which is updated every week. Come on, take a peek at the price of papuyu fish per kilo here eFresh!

Fresh Papuyu Fish Price per Kilogram on eFresh

Fresh Papua FishSouth KalimantanIDR 60,000-70,000
Fresh Papua FishCentral KalimantanIDR 70,000
Fresh Papua FishWest KalimantanIDR 40,000-80,000

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Questions Regarding Papuyu Fish Prices

Papuyu fish is useful for increasing brain intelligence, preventing bone loss, increasing appetite, and preventing anemia.

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