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ciri ciri udang sehat dan sakit

It is important to know the characteristics of healthy and diseased shrimp because disease that infects shrimp sometimes cannot be avoided. Even though you have taken good care of the shrimp and given antibiotics and vitamins regularly, disease can still attack the shrimp. If you have a disease, sick shrimp must be separated from healthy shrimp so that the disease is not contagious.

Therefore, Mr / Ms Farmers must pay more attention to the condition of the shrimp in order to find out what symptoms appear in the shrimp. To find out about this, let's read this article to the end!

Characteristics of Healthy Shrimp

ciri ciri udang sehat
Source: eFishery Documentation

The characteristics of healthy shrimp are very important for you to know because only healthy shrimp can be harvested and sold. Preventing disease from landing on shrimp must be done from the beginning of the cultivation cycle. For this reason, you can pay attention to several aspects such as the quality of the pond environment, stocked fry, water, vitamins, and feed.

If the shrimp have been cultivated by paying attention to the qualities mentioned above, the possibility of disease to infect the shrimp will be small. Read on to find out the characteristics of healthy shrimp without disease!

1. Skin Color

Healthy shrimp will have bright and clean skin. Shrimp that have dull skin are shrimp that have been exposed to disease. It's best if you separate the shrimp from other shrimp because the disease can spread quickly.

2. Movement of Shrimp

If healthy, the shrimp will move actively in the pond. Active movement indicates that the organs in the shrimp's body are working perfectly. 

3. Shrimp Limbs

To ensure the health of the shrimp, you can see from the completeness of the body as well. Healthy shrimp will have intact limbs, from head to tip of tail. No part of the body is reduced or damaged.

4. Intestinal Condition of Shrimp

Healthy shrimp can be seen from the intestines that are full and unbroken. If the shrimp's intestines are full of food, you will see a full, unbroken black line running down the back of the shrimp from end to end. This indicates that the shrimp are in good health, both in terms of digestion and absorption of nutrients in the feed.

5. Shrimp gill color

Just like fish, shrimp also breathe with gills. The color of healthy shrimp gills is bright reddish. However, checking the condition of the gills of shrimp in ponds one by one is not easy. For this reason, if you want to know the health condition of the shrimp, just look at the movement, color and integrity of the body's limbs.

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Characteristics of Diseased Shrimp

You need to recognize the characteristics of sick shrimp so that you can immediately take early treatment to overcome them. The following are the characteristics of disease-stricken shrimp that must be known so that they can carry out early control.

1. Stomach Conditions and Movements of Shrimp

Just like humans, when attacked by disease, shrimp also lose their appetite. As a result of no food entering the shrimp's body, the shrimp's stomach will become empty. If you have this, the shrimp will be lazy to move because there is no power and energy that can be used.

2. Body Color and Shrimp Muscle Tissue

Diseased shrimp will appear paler than healthy shrimp. Several diseases can also cause the shrimp's skin to harden and make the muscle tissue pale white and cloudy. In addition to looking pale, unusual colors will appear on the shrimp's body, such as black spots, white spots, or shrimp that will turn red like they've been boiled.

The color of the shrimp gills, which are usually fresh red, will also turn pale. If it's like that, the disease in the shrimp has gotten worse. In this condition, you are strongly advised to separate sick shrimp from healthy shrimp.

3. There are white threads in the body of the shrimp

If your shrimp is infected with White Dirt disease, there will be white threads coming from feces around its body. This disease attacks the digestive system of shrimp and is deadly.

udang di anco
Source: eFishery Documentation

To monitor the health of shrimp on a regular basis, you are advised to carry out health observations every day. Observations were made by checking the shrimp in the anco. Shrimp caught in anco is considered to represent the overall condition of the shrimp in the pond.

This is because anco is a miniature of the pond environment. Observations can be made by visually checking the condition of the shrimp's body, the color of the shrimp, and their movements visually, both for the shrimp and the anco. 

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