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eFeeder, Automatic Fish Feed Tool that Maximizes Cultivation!

Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Come on, get to know Mr. Dede Abdul Aziz! Mr Dede

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kabayan bisnis ikan nila makin besar
Cultivation Story: Kabayan Helps Growing Fish Farming Business!

eFishery always strives to create a positive impact, especially for the Farmers and

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Cultivation Story: Successful Catfish Cultivation at KPD Using eFeeder

Hello, Mr/Mrs Cultivators! Let's visit the Digital Fisheries Village! Digital Fisheries Village

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Cultivation Story: Catfish Cultivation Makes More Profit Using eFeeder!

Patin fish, which is also known in the market as dori fish/ dory fish, is

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Suryo: Grow Business with Kabayan Financial Services

Capital is one of the most influential supporting factors for the cultivation business.

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Protect Shrimp Farming with the eFishery Disease Prevention System!

Shrimp is one of the cultivation commodities that is susceptible to disease and epidemics