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How to spawn catfish is very important to know in catfish farming. Through catfish spawning, you can get catfish seeds without the need to buy catfish hatcheries.

There are several techniques for spawning catfish, namely natural and artificial spawning. Catfish cultivators do a lot of spawning naturally. Not only is the method much easier but also the cost is lower.

Then how to spawn catfish? Let's explore deeper!

What is Catfish Spawning?

Spawning catfish is a technique for obtaining quality seeds, superior, disease resistant, and fast to grow and develop. For those of you who want to become catfish hatcheries, understanding about spawning is very important.

Spawning is a process for releasing eggs by the female parent and sperm by the male parent. This process is followed by mating between the female and male catfish.

Furthermore, catfish will lay eggs and incubate catfish seeds. This catfish hatchery lasts for 8-9 weeks with a catfish seed size of 5-7 cm.

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How to Spawn Catfish Naturally

The method of catfish spawning used can vary. But the way that most Cultivators do is naturally. This method is considered the easiest to do by catfish cultivators and the results will not disappoint either. Let's see!

1. Selection of Parent Catfish

The first step to catfish spawning is to choose the right catfish parent. You must choose catfish brooders that have almost the same weight, namely a minimum of 1 kg. This is done so that the catfish are not afraid of each other. 

In addition, make sure the catfish's organs are complete and normal. The proper age of the mother catfish is 1.5 years for females and 1 year for males. 

2. Care for broodstock catfish

Catfish broodstock must be cared for in a special pond where each square meter can only be filled with 4-6 tails. Before spawning takes place, separate the male and female sires. This is so that fertilization does not occur outside the plan. 

In addition, the feed given must be of good quality. It is recommended that the feed given has protein > 35% so that the gonads mature quickly. Feeding 2-3 times a day as much as 3-5%.

3. Pool Preparation for Spawning

The ideal pond for catfish spawning is 2 to 3 meters long, 1 to 2 meters wide and 1 meter deep. You can choose several types of pools such as tarpaulin pools and bottom pools fiberglass.

Also keep in mind, the pool needs to be dried and dried in the sun before use. Then filled with clean water to a depth of 30-40 cm.

The bottom of the spawning pond is given palm fiber or waring for a place to accommodate and attach catfish eggs. While the edge of the pond is given a lid to prevent the mother from jumping out.

4. Spawning Process

Prior to the spawning process, the parent catfish must be fasted or not fed for 24 hours. Then the parent selection is carried out with mature gonads.

How to see it, the genitals of male and female catfish will enlarge and the color will become reddish.

The day after the main catfish was put in the spawning pond, take the parent with a scoop when it has laid eggs. HaThis is because catfish tend to be cannibals, so the parents must be separated so they don't eat the eggs.

Then wait for the eggs to hatch, then slowly move the palm fiber weights to the side.

5. Larvae Care

Within 24 hours, the fertilized eggs will hatch into larvae. After hatching, separate the failed eggs and dead larvae so they don't get moldy.

The hatched larvae will survive without food for 3-4 days. Furthermore, the larvae are raised for several days until they become catfish puppies.

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Tricks for Successful Catfish Spawning

Spawning catfish is easy to do in the right way. Here are some tricks to increase the success of catfish spawning. Let's see!

1. Choose the Right Time

Catfish spawning must be done at the right time. The time in question is the time to put the catfish brooders into the spawning pond.

Now the time that you can choose is the afternoon, because usually the catfish will spawn at 23.00 WIB until 05.00 WIB. 

2. Pay attention to the quality of the Spawning Pond Water

Intensively catfish spawning must pay attention to the quality of pond water. Catfish will feel comfortable breeding if the water conditions are suitable, namely with sufficient oxygen levels and clear. Therefore, you must do regular water changes during spawning.

3. Separate the male and female parents before spawning

The last successful trick for catfish spawning is to separate the male and female catfish before mating. PSpawning catfish that is too early will result in the spawning process not being optimal. So make sure you separate the male and female catfish first.

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