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Carp is very popular for cultivation because the technique of growing carp is quite easy, so that carp cultivation can generate large profits. Interest in carp is also quite high because carp is known as a luxury food that costs a lot.

Not only that, carp are also not 'chatty' when cultivated. Gourami fish can live in various environmental conditions and water quality.

Even though it is fairly easy, you still need special maintenance and care methods. Then how do you cultivate carp so that it grows up fast? These questions will be explained in full in this article!

Gurame Enlargement Tips

tips pembesaran ikan gurame
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To produce large and high-quality carp, you must be painstaking and patient, especially in the process of rearing it. If you are not careful, of course there will be lots of fish that are not properly cared for.

If you want to start a business gouramy fish farming, it's best if you need to find out in advance what things to do, such as how to make carp grow fast.

There are several ways to quickly grow carp that you need to pay attention to. Here are the tips:

1. Pool Preparation

The first way to raise carp is that you need to choose the right location to make a good pond. The location of carp cultivation must get direct sunlight. In addition, you must always ensure that the pool temperature is around 26-28℃ so that the fish grow optimally.

Ponds for carp enlargement can be in the form of earthen ponds, cement or tarpaulin. Recommended pond size is 200 ㎡. However, you can adjust it according to the number of fish stocked in one pond. 

2. Selection of Gurame Fish Seeds

Selection of superior carp seeds is a factor for successful cultivation. Good quality seeds have been certified by CPIB (Good Fish Hatchery Method) and CBIB (Good Fish Cultivation Methods). If not certified, the seeds may carry harmful diseases.

In addition, you need to choose seeds that are 5 cm in size with a fish weight of 3 grams. This aims to provide the same space for other carp seeds, so that there is no difference in size during the growth period.

3. Preparation of Aquaculture Water

You need to prepare good quality aquaculture water. This can support the growth of carp because water quality can affect fish behavior, fish appetite, and fish health.

In order to keep the pond comfortable for the carp, you must diligently monitor the condition of the pond and change the pool water regularly. You must really pay attention to the quality of the water so that it remains optimal.

Water quality parameters needed when growing gouramy are DO in the range of 4-9 mg/l with a tolerance of up to 2 mg/l, pH in the range of 6.6-8, water brightness in the range of 30-45 cm, and nitrite <1 ppm.

4. Maintenance Period

During the maintenance of carp, you must monitor the health of the fish. This is useful for ensuring the fish are in a good environment and the carp are not attacked by disease.

In addition, you need to pay attention to feeding carp. You can provide feed at least 3-4 times a day with a dose of 3% from the weight of the carp.

5. Harvesting

The process of harvesting carp usually starts at a weight of 500-1000 grams. Generally, carp reach the ready-to-harvest weight within 1 year. However, if you apply the tips for growing carp properly and correctly, carp can be harvested earlier, which is 9 months with a weight of 500 grams.

Before harvesting fish, you need to ensure that only healthy and high-quality carp can be harvested. If you doubt the health of the fish, let's look at the characteristics of healthy and quality carp:

  • Move actively
  • Fresh red gills
  • Light skin tone
  • There are no cuts or peeling scales
  • No mucus

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Types of Gurame Feed to Grow Big Fast

In order for you to get the maximum profit from carp cultivation, you must provide the right feed. Food for carp so that they grow up quickly is feed that contains nutrients as needed, so that carp will grow fast and be ready for harvest in a short time.

There are several types of carp food so that they grow up quickly. Come on, see!

1. Maggots

Maggot is a natural feed for carp. The advantage of maggot as feed for carp is that it has a high protein content of around 43%. In addition, maggot can be produced in a short time with sufficient quantities to meet the needs of carp feed.

2. Leaves

Apart from animal protein such as maggot, of course carp also need some vegetable protein to accelerate growth. One of the easiest sources of vegetable protein to find is the type of leaves.

The following are some types of plants that can be carp food:

  • Sente leaves
  • Papaya leaf
  • Cassava leaves
  • Kale Leaves
  • Ketapang leaves
  • Mustard Leaf
  • Lamtoro leaves

The leaves are widely used as fish feed because they can be used as natural antibiotics and anti-bacterials. In addition, the leaves are used to prevent or treat carp due to disease and fungus.

3. Pellets

The next big fast carp feed is pellets. This type of feed is most often used in fish farming. Fish pellets contain high nutrition and are specially made in the form of granules and sizes according to the shape of the fish's mouth opening.

Pellets used for carp feed must contain animal protein of 25-30%. When choosing pellets, you need to make sure whether they are for hatchery or rearing, because the type and size of the pellets are closely related to the age of the fish.

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Gurame Fish Feeding Method

In the stage of growing carp, you need to pay attention to feeding. You are strongly advised to provide feed that contains sufficient protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals 3-4 times a day.

You need to ensure that the carp that are cultivated get feed containing protein ranging from 28-30%. When viewed from the protein needed in feed, the amount of protein needed for carp is more efficient than catfish and catfish feeds, which range from 28-32%, to make fish grow well.

Not only that, in the stage of growing carp, you are also required to change the pool water if an unpleasant odor appears. This is useful for maintaining water quality to stay healthy and carp to avoid disease.

If you don't immediately replace the smelly pond water, then your carp could have a disease. This is because the spread of the disease is very fast through the medium of water.

Even though initially only 1 fish was infected with the disease, the infection has spread throughout the pond, so quickly all the carp in the pond will be attacked by the same disease.

To get healthy and quality carp, you need to do feed management so that the water quality remains optimal. Feed management is one of the determinants of the success of farming, because 60% venture capital is spent on buying feed. Good fish feed management is to measure the accuracy of the amount of dosage and the timeliness of feeding.

The type of feed recommended for carp is floating pellets, because it makes it easier for carp to eat them. Floating pellets should be given 2 times, namely in the morning and evening. To facilitate feeding, you can use eFeeders 5 from eFishery!

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eFeeders 5 is an automatic feeder tool that can optimize fish farming. eFeeders 5 has a throw distance of up to 15 meters, so that feeding becomes more effective and even.

By using eFeeders 5, you don't have to bother giving feed manually. You can give fish feed practically only by using cellphone without the hassle of remembering feeding schedules and going around the pond. Then, eFeeders 5 will automatically spread the feed on time and in the right size.

eFeeders 5 also made to save time and regulate the amount of feeding, so there is no leftover feed in the pond. The feed that is thrown is also neatly recorded and can be seen in the application eFeeders on cellphone Ladies and gentlemen.

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Questions Regarding the Enlargement of Gurame Fish

The length of growing carp is 1 year to reach the weight ready for harvest. However, carp can be harvested earlier, which is 9 months with a weight of 500 grams if you apply the tips for growing carp properly and correctly.

The steps for growing carp start from preparing the pond, sorting out quality carp seeds, preparing aquaculture water, rearing period, to harvesting.

In general, carp reach ready-to-harvest weight within 1 year. However, if you do good feed management and water quality management, carp can grow quickly in just 9 months.

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