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The strategy for how to market catfish is needed by catfish farmers so that their business is stable and their profits are maximized each period. Even though this cultivation business has a fairly broad target market, you still need to improve the business you are running.

As an illustration, see the explanation below to find out how to market catfish to make big profits!

Benefits of Patin Fish Business

The catfish business has many advantages if you take it seriously. The advantage is that caring for catfish is somewhat easier than catfish, even catfish that you care for can utilize household waste that does not contain oil.

Here are the benefits of the catfish business that can generate maximum profits:

1. Market Demand

Catfish have a very broad market demand because it is the people's favorite type of fish, moreover not many people cultivate it. The amount of catfish consumption per capita continues to increase every year reaching 21.9% from 2014-2017.

In addition, many people eat catfish. Catfish can be used as processed food which is quite diverse. Moreover, Indonesian people are synonymous with fans of processed fish.

2. Doesn't Require a Lot of Cost

When you want to start catfish farming but don't have big capital, you don't need to worry because this business can be done with minimum capital.

In doing this business, you can use tarpaulin pool media. With adequate media and good and correct maintenance, the catfish yields are guaranteed not to disappoint.

3. Fast Growth

Catfish are also famous for their fast growth, within 1 month this fish can grow to a weight of 1 kg and a length of 30-40 cm. So, you can harvest in a relatively short period of time.

4. High Selling Price

Catfish have a relatively high price in the market. The price for catfish ranges from IDR 26,000 to IDR 36,000. So, if you are serious about going through it, you will reap big profits.

5. The Number of Eggs Produced is Large

Another advantage is that catfish are able to produce eggs in large quantities. A mother catfish can lay 200,000 eggs every 6 months.

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How to Marketing Catfish

The following is an effective marketing strategy for catfish so that the catfish farming business can have a long life and have a stable selling price:

1. Differentiate the Target Market

The marketing strategy that you can do is to differentiate the target market. This marketing is done by selling catfish based on its age. For example, you can sell catfish seeds to seed suppliers. Catfish seeds can be sold when they are 20-50 days old.

Apart from seeds, as for consumption needs, catfish can be sold when they are 7 months old. As for the demand for sires, you can sell them after they are 2 years old.

The method of marketing by differentiating the target market makes your marketing strategy more effective because it can reach three consumers at once.

2. Collaboration with Fish Sellers to Finish Suppliers in the market

You can volunteer to work with fish traders in the market. To get started, you can look for traders in the nearest market first.

Over time, the fish traders in the market will know you as catfish cultivators so that you have the potential to become suppliers catfish for all fish traders in one market.

You can pursue this collaboration in the long term. If you are diligent and routinely supplying fish to traders, you can become one suppliers in more than one market and the business will grow big.

3. Cooperation with Restaurants

You can offer catfish to the restaurant. This method requires skills good communication and relationship.

Collaborating with restaurants is a potential that you should try. With proper planning, you can become a supplier for catfish in large restaurants.

When working with a restaurant, you also need to convince the restaurant that the catfish you cultivate are of good quality. Another trick is to give a slightly lower price than the market price for catfish from other businesses.

4. Cooperation with Supermarket

The next marketing tip is to offer cooperation with supermarket.

To be able to work with supermarket, Mr / Ms also need to convince the parties supermarket that the quality of your catfish is guaranteed for its cleanliness, deliciousness and nutrition.

In collaboration with supermarket enough to promise high profits. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have quite complicated qualifications for the catfish they receive.

5. Marketing Word of Mouth

You can promote it via word of mouth (mouth to mouth). This method is used so that many people know information about the whereabouts of your business, so that it can be spread widely easily. 

6. Offer catfish through social media and platforms On line

You should take advantage of the rapid development of technology, especially for business development. The last catfish marketing tip is to offer catfish through social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or platforms on line other.

There are many platforms on line or marketplace which you can use to offer catfish. Starting from processed catfish that you process yourself or directly offer fresh catfish.

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Selling Catfish through eFisheryKu's Fish Stalls!

You can rely on one of the platforms on line to offer catfish to consumers through the application eFisheryKu.

one of the platforms on line the best place to sell harvested fish is Fish Stall in app eFisheryKu. Through Fish Stall, Mr / Ms can sell your crops at a fairer selling price.

Selling Fish Harvest at eFisheryKu's Fish Stalls!

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This application is devoted to helping the catfish farming business so that it is easier for you to market your catfish harvests so that you have the potential to get maximum profits because you directly sell and distribute the crops to consumers.

Through Fish Stall, Ladies and Gentlemen, you no longer need to bother selling catfish. What's more, you will have the convenience of reaching markets in all cities in Indonesia.

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Questions About How to Marketing Catfish

Catfish are one of Indonesia's mainstay fisheries industry commodities. The distribution of catfish includes Jambi, Palembang, Riau, Lampung, West Java, South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. Sumatra contributed 68,07% of national catfish production, Java 8,48%, and Kalimantan 20,23%.

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