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A catfish marketing strategy is needed by catfish farming businesses so that their business is stable and tends to maximize profit each period.

Even though this aquaculture business has a fairly stable target market, the increase in fish cultivators is another factor that can hinder the smooth running of your aquaculture business.

So that your catfish farming business remains stable and even gets maximum profit, here are tips for effective catfish marketing, business opportunities, to the advantages and disadvantages of catfish farming.

Catfish Farming Business Opportunities

Compared to other types of freshwater fish, catfish is a type of fresh fish that is easy to cultivate, even if it uses a cultivation medium in the form of a small pond. 

To reduce operational costs, you don't need to build a concrete aquaculture pond, you can just use a tarpaulin pond that can be disassembled and can still be done.

In terms of maintenance and breeding, catfish are fairly easy. This is because a good catfish food conversion rate triggers the fast development of catfish. 

In other words, you don't have to bother thinking about the right type of feed for catfish growth.

Friends of Cultivators can start this cultivation business with a minimum capital of IDR 5 million. Interestingly, you can predict the turnover of each harvest because the market price of catfish tends to be stable. 

Sometimes there are differences in the market price of catfish in one area to another. However, the price difference is not that great. Currently, the price of catfish in the market ranges from IDR 17,000 to IDR 25,000 per kilogram.

What about the prospects for the catfish farming business in the midst of many people starting to try this cultivation business? 

The business opportunity for catfish farming is quite stable despite the increase in fish cultivators in the community. This is because catfish enthusiasts remain stable every year and tend to increase. 

Not only from traditional markets or collectors, but demand from restaurants, street food stalls, and household demand for catfish is still quite stable.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Running a Catfish Farming Business

The most visible advantage of starting a catfish business is the way of marketing catfish which is not too complicated but can generate maximum profit. Catfish is the most consumed fish in Indonesia with various processed catfish creations.

In addition to an easy way of marketing catfish, here are the advantages of a catfish farming business, including:

  • Caring for catfish is quite easy because catfish can adapt to various types of ponds, uncomplicated feed determination but can still reproduce quickly.
  • Having a good immune system so that catfish are not easily infected with disease. Catfish have mucus all over their body which functions as a self-defense from various viruses and bacteria.
  • The time to harvest catfish is fast, usually you can harvest catfish within three months after the catfish seeds are stocked.
  • Finding easy catfish seeds at low prices.
  • Get capital back in a fairly short time.

Nevertheless, there is a shortage of catfish farming. Even though catfish feed is easy to find at a low price, catfish food needs are quite large. 

For just one meal, catfish need a lot of feed. Therefore, you need to prepare catfish feed in large quantities. Lack of other catfish farming business, such as:

  • Be more careful when building a catfish farming pond. The reason is, catfish are very agile so they have the potential to jump from the pool if the size of the pond is too short.
  • It has the potential to contain harmful ingredients after processing catfish because catfish is an omnivorous animal, meaning catfish can eat anything.
  • Famous catfish can live in any environment, including even a dirty environment. Therefore, many consumers are more selective in buying catfish.

You need to try a little harder to break the stigma that the catfish that you offer is not protected from food, so there are harmful ingredients in the catfish after it has been processed. 

This is where the importance of a catfish marketing strategy is so that your catfish farming business still has its own market.

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How to Marketing Catfish

Tips and effective catfish marketing strategies so that the catfish farming business lasts a long time and has stable consumers.

1. Collaboration with Pecel Lele Traders

In Indonesia, there are many pecel catfish traders. Regardless of the island, of course there are always pecel catfish traders in each area. You can work with pecel catfish traders on the side of the road as suppliers catfish for them.

2. Cooperation with fish sellers to become a supplier in the market

You can volunteer to work with fish traders in the market. To get started, you can look for the nearest market first. 

Over time, the fish traders at the market will know you as a catfish cultivator, so you have the potential to become a catfish farmer. suppliers catfish for all fish traders in one market.

If you work on it, in the long term your catfish farming business will get bigger and bigger and can become suppliers in more than one market.

3. Cooperation with catfish collectors

These catfish marketing tips are actually quite easy. You don't have to bother knowing how to find catfish collectors. 

This is because having a large number of fish farming ponds can make these collectors start looking at your business.

It could be catfish collectors who will approach you and negotiate a catfish business agreement. 

It's best if you start looking at the partnership with the catfish collectors. Generally, they will propose various business systems such as a minimum quantity system business agreement, due payment, or collan system.

So that you have a price reference, you can work with more than one dealer to find out the market price of catfish for catfish collectors.

4. Cooperation with Catfish-Based Food Producers

The next catfish marketing strategy is to collaborate with catfish-based food producers. 

Not limited to just catfish pecel or fried catfish, but there are many catfish-based food manufacturers. For example, catfish skin crackers, catfish nuggets, shredded catfish, and catfish jerky.

In order for the business agreement to be safe, you can make a contract agreement with the producer for a certain period. However, you must synchronize the catfish harvest schedule with that of the food producer.

5. Collaboration with Places to Eat or Restaurants

Collaboration can also be established with places to eat or restaurants that have catfish menus in them. 

However, these restaurants or eating places will usually provide high qualifications for the catfish that they serve, so you need to convince them that the catfish you cultivate is of the best quality.

Apart from ensuring that the quality of your catfish is guaranteed, another trick is to provide a price that is slightly cheaper than the market price of catfish from other catfish business people.

6. Cooperation with Supermarket

The next catfish marketing tip is to offer cooperation with supermarket

However, as with working with restaurants, supermarket have high qualifications for the catfish they will sell. 

You are quite convincing supermarket that the quality of your catfish is guaranteed for its cleanliness, deliciousness and nutrition.

Cooperate with supermarket enough to promise high profits. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have quite complicated qualifications for the catfish they receive.

7. Develop Your Own Catfish Processed Business

The next catfish marketing strategy trick is to process the catfish that you cultivate yourself. There are many examples of catfish-based food preparations that have been mentioned previously. 

You can see a tutorial on how to process catfish from YouTube. Meanwhile, to market processed catfish, you can rely on platforms on line.

8. Offer Catfish through Social Media and Platforms On line

The last catfish marketing tip is to offer catfish through social media such as Instagram and TikTok or platforms on line other. 

There are many platforms on line or marketplace which you can use to offer catfish. Starting from processed catfish food that you prepare yourself or directly offer fresh catfish.

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