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Vannamei shrimp parents need to be cared for by you so they can do the hatchery properly. This is because the quality of the vannamei shrimp depends on the parent.

The vannamei shrimp hatchery process has continued until now to produce disease-resistant and fast-growing shrimp seeds. So if you want to increase the success of shrimp farming, your own hatchery is the solution.

In this article, we will discuss in full the details of spawning vannamei shrimp, starting from how to care for the broodstock to how to breed vannamei shrimp. Let's see!

Selection of Qualified Vaname Broodstock for Hatchery

When hatching vannamei shrimp, make sure the mother of the vannamei shrimp you choose is of good quality. These are the 4 criteria for quality vannamei shrimp broodstock.

1. The age of the mother shrimp is ripe

Parent must be selected from those who have entered a mature age. This mature age since the vannamei shrimp is 20 days old from the full shrimp phase.

Ripe vannamei shrimp are also marked by the female parent having an orange color on her back. This indicator is a sign that the female shrimp eggs are ripe.

2. Uniform Shrimp Size

Next, you need to choose sires that have the same body size. If there are vannamei shrimp that are smaller than other shrimp, it is possible that the shrimp will have stunted growth.

3. Complete Form

Make sure the vannamei shrimp brooders that you choose have a perfect shape. It is feared that broodstock with defects will be difficult to develop.

The characteristics of a complete broodstock are having complete legs, tail, eyes and antennae, with 5 pairs of legs, an open tail, protruding eyes, and a pair of antennae that open and close.

4. Filled Vaname Shrimp Intestines

The filled intestines of vannamei shrimp show that the shrimp have a big appetite. You can pay attention to the intestines of this shrimp because vannamei shrimp have a transparent body.

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Proper Vaname Shrimp Spawning Steps

After you have chosen a quality parent, the next step is spawning. Here are 5 steps for spawning vannamei shrimp broodstock.

1. Spawning Pool Preparation 

You can use several types of ponds such as tarpaulin ponds and cement ponds for vannamei shrimp spawning. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the pool used. 

Before the spawning process, first clean the surface of the spawning pond. Furthermore, the pond is drained and filled with water before being used for spawning. 

2. Preparation of Vaname Shrimp Mains

Choose quality vaname shrimp broodstock with the criteria described previously. Separate male and female sires so they don't spawn prematurely.

How to distinguish male and female shrimp broodstock lies in the section saddle (ovum) which is located in the stomach area or the top of the neck. The female parent's abdomen tends to be convex and increases in size during the spawning period.

3. Feed Management

Feed is one of the keys to gonad development in vannamei shrimp so that spawning can be carried out. You can use natural food such as sliced squid and sea worms, as well as artificial feed.

4. Spawning Process

The male and female vaname shrimp parents with a ratio of 2:3 or 1:2 are put in the spawning pond. Choose broodstock that have mature gonads, which is indicated by the presence of a golden yellow color on the mother shrimp's thorax.

Spawning process can last for 4-5 hours. The next day after the spawning process, separate the eggs from the shrimp brooders into the hatchery pond.

5. Hatching Process

Vaname shrimp eggs are carefully put into the hatching pond. The eggs will hatch within 10-12 hours. 

Furthermore, you can sell vannamei shrimp seeds or raise them yourself.

If you want to continue raising the seeds, the seeds that have hatched must wait 120 days to be able to harvest. The harvest weight that can be sold per head reaches 10-20 grams.

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