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Important aspects of water quality in shrimp farming include pH value, brightness (not cloudy), sufficient water discharge/amount, salinity (less than 40 ppt), and not in polluted area. Purifying shrimp pond water is one of the supporting factors for the success of the cultivation process. Pond water with a low turbidity value indicates the suspension in the waters is also low. The lower the level of suspension can make shrimp grow optimally. Come on, get to know more about how to clear up cloudy pond water here!

The Importance of Shrimp Pond Water Management

Many shrimp farming failures are caused by a decrease in water quality in shrimp ponds. That is why shrimp pond water management is important. Water quality parameters that need attention are temperature, brightness, and turbidity.

With good pond water management, you can overcome turbidity in ponds. If the turbidity of the water is allowed, the suspended solids content of organic matter will increase so that the suspension in the form of fine granules can stick to the gills of the shrimp and make it difficult for them to breathe.

Causes & Dangers of Pond Water Turning Turbid

Shrimp are generally more frequent at the bottom of ponds and are very sensitive to high levels of turbidity (organic matter). Turbidity High levels can be caused by organic matter (due to high suspended solids in waters). Suspension solids that cause high organic matter are caused by floating particles consisting of biotic components such as phytoplankton, zooplankton, bacteria, and fungi. The abiotic components consist of plankton shells (silica particles), detritus, and inorganic materials such as sand and silt. 

If left unchecked, the accumulation of organic matter will interfere with shrimp respiration. Thick buildup of organic matter in large quantities can also become a nest for vibrio and other harmful bacteria. In addition, excessive organic matter will release toxic gases during the decomposition process and change the color of the pond water to brown. If it continues to be left, it will result in a decrease in dissolved oxygen and sunlight cannot reach the bottom of the pond. The ability of sunlight to penetrate water is caused by various conditions, namely the absorption of light in the atmosphere, the angle of incidence of light and the level of turbidity.

How to Clear Turbid Pond Water

Basically, the water purification process functions to remove toxic substances found in shrimp pond waters. The standard requirements for safe waters for shrimp are good water quality. Here are a few how to clear cloudy pond water, that is: 

  1. Applying high alkalinity of 40 mg/L in pond waters. If the shrimp pond waters have low alkalinity, which is less than 30 mg/L, farmers can provide agricultural lime at a rate of 2,000-3,000 kg/ha. 
  2. Use coagulant (chemical needed for small particle deposition process) to remove large amounts of turbidity in pond waters. Coagulants play a role in processing the physical chemical processes of mixing waste materials, then removing the particles contained in them. The coagulant commonly used by farmers in shrimp farming is gypsum (calcium sulfate) and alum (serves to separate and precipitate impurities in water).
  3. Carry out the handling of clearing pond water by collecting water in a reservoir to precipitate mud particles and neutralize gaseous materials.

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Questions About How to Clear Turbid Pond Water

The high level of turbidity is caused by the accumulation of raw organic matter. This hoarding will interfere with the respiration of cultivated shrimp, and even become a nesting place for vibrio and other bacteria that are detrimental to shrimp. In addition, excessive organic matter will release toxic gases during the decomposition process which makes the pond water color brown.

To clear up cloudy pond water, you can apply high alkalinity to pond waters, using coagulant, or store water in a reservoir.

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